Please help dummy with slow burner




It seems that this is the site that I need to solve all my problems. Well, my slow DW-D56A dvd writer problem. My laptop is about 3 months old and it did write at x8 and read even faster at first but in the last few weeks it has slowed to about x2.

I’ve read some threads regarding people who have suffered this ( and it suggests that you either change the firmware to an older version (maybe PFS2 from the PFS7 that I have) or use Omnipatcher.

The thing is that while I’m fairly proficient at working my way around a computer I’m no boffin. Can someone please explain how I would change my firmware to the older version or load in Omnipatcher and then change the settings to allow me to speed my dvd drive up.

Thank you so much in advance



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Have you tried checking/enabling your DMA as a first step?




Yes I’ve checked that DMA is enabled. That’s definitely not the problem.



Just trying to think of a reason why all of a sudden it would slow down. Sounds like you’ve checked the usual things, though: media, DMA…

Have you read through the Omnipatcher thread, at the top of the LiteOn forum? It’s pretty long, but worth the read.



What software do you burn with?

I assume that you still get the option to burn at the higher speed but that it is just not achieved.

If it’s Nero or DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn etc that show the buffers then watching these can give you clues. If the read buffer keeps dropping significantly then the app can’t get the data from the HD quick enough. This could be a DMA issue on the HD or severe fragmentation. To maintain good burning regular defragging of the HD is [B]ESSENTIAL[/B].

If it’s the device buffer dropping significantly then it could be down to the media, which is what?


I’m using nero and although I choose maximum speed when it’s actually burning it’s only burning at 1500kbps. It used to burn at far higher than that. It’s also reading things slower.

I’ve read through the thread below and other people seemed to have the same problems. I would like to either download an earlier firmware or omnipatcher but need to know how to do this because it’s not clear. The omnipatcher thread doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’m just not clued up enough on all of the techno babble about computers.


Just to get back to whether my hard drive needs defragmenting. My laptop is only 3 months old and everything seems to be working fine. CDs are burning very quickly.


If you’re selecting “Maximum” then that’s the problem. Nero only offers that when the media is not recognised by the burner. It would suggest that a firmware update is required to be able to match the media you’ve now got or maybe some different media.

I’d recommend defragging weekly so at 3 months old it could be well overdue. Don’t forget that CD burning, while the speeds look higher is actually transferring much less data per sec than DVD burning.


Maybe you should try some other media. Try that one which worked well 2 weeks ago.

I had this kind of problem. My Pioneer A-107 (8x max speed) worked well till januar this year. Then suddenly stopped to recognize media with more then 4x or even stopped recording them. They told me that new media reached the market which my Pioner didn’t recognize correctly. Non of the new firmware helped. then I bought new drive, Liteon 16x max speed. Everything went to normal. All media is recognized and burnt at max speed.


Hi all,

Sorry for taking so long to reply. The problem that I’ve got with your solutions is that I have previously written at “maximum” speed with no problems. So why should it all of a sudden be a problem? That leads to the question of whether it is the dvd media that I’m using. Well here’s the other thing, the problem started three quarters of the way through a spindle of 50. So how could the other 40 or so dvds work fine at maximum speed?

Something has gone wrong somewhere along the line.

That’s why my first post was simply to ask can someone tell me how to install the old firmware or omnipatch that has been discussed in the this thread?