Please help, dead LDW-811S after flashing HS0P firmware from LiteOn website!

Greetings to all!

Today I get the original from the LiteOn website and did the flash under W2k. Now my LDW-811S is recognised as MIUE-00 EVERW MDW-911s !!!IS1P!! from BIOS and no more recognised by W2k.

Doing a new flash from DOS with mtkflash 2 w hs0k.bin and hs0p.bin was not successful.

What can I do? I saved the EEPROM in the past but how can I put it into the drive without the possibility of using Ltnflash124 (drive is not seen in windows).

Please help.


If you did not modify the EEPROM at all and just used an official LiteOn flasher then you need not worry about it being an EEPROM issue as the LiteOn flashers do not modify the EEPROM.

Have you tried more then one version of Mtkflash as well as verified you are indeed using the correct commands?
How long does it take for mtkflash to update each bank? How many banks is it flashing?

Example: If using 1.80.1 with 811S as Secondary Slave

  • [li]mtkflash 3 r hs0p.bin

[/li]or if using earlier then 1.80.1 version

  • mtkflash 3 w /b hs0p.bin

Hello Ssseth!

I am sure that I used the right commands I read before when by mtkflash 1.80.1 without any commands.

But in the meantime my drive was no more recognised by the BIOS after trying another flash with hs0p.bin and the computer locked when detecting IDE-drives.

But I could solve the problem when I put the drive to another computer were it was not recognised too. But on this machine I could flash back to HS0K using mtkflash 1.80.1.

Now I burned a movie with my “repaired” LDW-811S without any problems in burning and playing the movie in the DVD-player!

So thanks for your fast reply.

Sounds like the IDE cable isn’t/wasn’t plugged in correctly or else is damaged. Try replacing the cable for a new one.

I took an new cable when I installed the drive.

In the past I had the same problem, but I did not know this great forum. So I went to the shop where I bought the drive and got a new one.

As I described in my last post I could solve my problem. Now the LDW-811S is working fine im my primary computer.

Why did my drive show “MIUE-00 EVERW MDW-911s !!!IS1P!!” on screen when detecting IDE-drives in both machines?

Does anybody know such a drive?