Please help ! :D



My friend gave me this caviar blue 320 GB hard, and it is external… I have the power cable, and the usb stuff… the problem is that when I connect it and turn it on, my PC only pops out that “found new hardware”, but there is nothing else!!! I just want to run it as axternal hard disk, but it won’t run… there is nothing in My Computer, like i didn’t connect anything… And, my friend ran it on Mac, does that has to do anything with this,like do i have to format it ?


There are two possibilities.

The chipset of external box can be incompatible with your computer for some reason, so your machine is not able to recognize correctly the disk.

Another possibility is that the disk indeed need to be formatted because of a file system not recognized by your operative system (I assume that you are using windows).

If there are no data you have to retrieve from that disk, try to format it :slight_smile:

Similar applies to other flavours of Windows.


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