Please help concerning DVR-108

I have a Pioneer DVR-108 and i have burnt a DVD (type TTG02) at 12X. I have used Nero CD-DVD Speed to get a look at the results. Could someone please tell me if the attached picture is a good result. TIA (Sorry if this post is in the wrong section.)

Either you have bad media or you need to check that your IDE Channels are DMA-enabled.


Thanks for your reply. I did a scan of a rewritable DVD (same Movie)
and have attached the result. Looks better.
I’m guessing then that the DVD quality is bad in the first one then.
Is the first one bad because it is jittery or because is levels off ?
I noticed that the first is type P-CAV and the second is CAV.
Does the first one level off coz it is type P-CAV ?
What determines if it is P-CAV or CAV ?

May be because you are using two different types of media ?

Thanks. I think i’m beginning to understand.
DVD-R are burnt P-CAV (levels off)
DVD-RW are burnt CAV
with DVR-108 burner

No, all that are results for READING.

i got sent some TTG02 by mistake and on my 108 i have to burn them @6x to get good PI/PO results. MY CMC MAG AE1 work perfect upto 12x in the same drive.