PLEASE HELP!CD/DVD drives reading slow as!

Just did a fresh install of XP. For some reason my two optical drives:
LG GCC-4480B cdrw/dvdrom
LG GSA-4081B DVDram

are reading REALLY SLOW! Wierd things is that they burn up to their top speeds but reading discs now takes . . .F O R E V E R

Any help would be appreciated…I’ve been trying to work this out for hours.

(btw, windows seems to recognise the drives OK in the device manager).

THanks in advance.

Make sure your drives are in DMA mode.

My primary IDE channel is set to “use dma if available” - ultra dma5…
My secondary IDE channel is set to “use dma if available” - ultra dma2.

Clicking the properties for the CD/DVD drives doesn’t appear to show a DMA option…

is there somewhere else I should be looking to check the drives are in DMA mode?

just to paint the picture…I can burn a full dvd at 8x, (so, takes around 7 minutes) but to read a full dvd takes 23 minutes!
I have since reinstalled xp AGAIN so I now have no burning applications installed and have disabled microsoft’s in-built burning for the drives. Still reads S L O W.


UDMA mode seem to be correct (what about the 2nd drive? It can’t be on UDMA5!).
I think that these drives are slow readers at all, depending heavily on the media and it’s quality!