Please help, cd burner problem

Hey, what’s up people.

Anyways, I have some issues going on with my burner.

It worked fine for a long time. Now, I’ve tried about 4 different times, and it wont seem to burn. I Start the burn, and it just stays there for about 1 min or so, then all of a sudden jumps to 97 percent (it also says ending burn or something) and finishes. At 99 percent, it says “error” (not the buffer underrun, or so it seems). Its really tickin me off, and I’d appreciate the help.

I have a phillips cdrw800 series, and it has multi read (whatever that is)

If any more information is needed, I’ll supply. Thanks a lot.

Tried other media?

Tried the drive in another computer to limit the problem to drive or to computer/software.

tried simulating a burn ???