Please help - can't play or copy audio CD w/ new version of Sunncomm Mediamax

I recently bought the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club CD “Howl” and discovered that it came with the new version of Sunncomm’s Mediamax installed.

I have followed the instructions to disable and delete the system device that automatically loads as part of MediaMax and have disabled autorun to prevent this from happening in the future, but still can neither play the CD using Windows Media player nor make a replica of it using Sonic RecordNow.

Does anyone have advice as to which of the copy programs will work best on this new version of Sunncomm Mediamax?

My PC is an IBM Thinkpad T30 with built-in DVD / CD-RW combo drive.

Thanks in advance.


For this same CD I used Creative Play Center that came with my soundcard. I use it for most of my copy protected cds. I didn’t realize it was copy protected when I bought it or I wouldn’t have. I couldn’t get Feurio to read it. Creative play center once again came to my rescue. Make sure autorun is disabled.