Ok so i have just downloaded the free trial version of ‘DVD region free + CSS free’ , restarted my computer etc, then I put in a region 1 dvd (my laptop is stuck on region 4 with no more changes left ) and it won’t play it !
the settings - DVD info says that ’ this dvd has region protection, then it says this disc (GA10NNt1) has CSS protection and Sony Arccos protection.
I have WinDVD , and when I press play it says Stop - media read error. and nothing else happens. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Angelemmz and welcome to cdfreaks.

What make/model burner do you have?
Any chance it’s a matsushita ?

hi there, yes it is ! its a Matshita dvd ram UJ841s

Angelemmz -

Below is a posting by SlySoft concerning the AnyDVD software program inability to make Matsushita (Panasonic) DVD devices Region Free (RPC1). This information also pertains to '”DVD region free + CSS free’” software program.


hi there! thanks 4 the info, although that sux 4 me as I have no more changes left ! can i ask what does ‘patched firmware mean’ ?? and does it take away your harddrives warranty?

Non-authorized/third party firmware or firmware that’s been adjusted and it is reasonable to expect that it will void your warranty (at least the manufacturers I am familiar with).

Matsushita (Panasonic) drives are horribly proprietary, especially re: region lock. As jeff53404 pointed out, use of any 3rd party firmware, for any drive, will void the warranty.

Unfortunately, I don’t see where you have much choice, depending how badly you want region-free viewing. The other strong player - AnyDVD, also has issues with Matsu(shit)a…sorry couldn’t I resist… :bigsmile:
I’d be very suspect of any software guarantees…I mean you might get lucky, but these drives are tricky.

Good luck.

Angelemmz -

Unfortunately there is no “Patched” RPC1 (Region Free) Firmware available for the Matshita UJ-841S DVD Burner.

Also there is NO software program that will remove Region Coding and make your Matshita UJ-841S DVD Burner appear as RPC1 (Region Free).

Suggest thinking about replacing your Matshita UJ-841S DVD Burner with a more conventional DVD Burner. Now days replacing a Lap Top DVD Burner is as simple as removing one screw and sliding out your Matshita UJ-841S DVD Burner and sliding in a new Lap Top DVD Burner and replacing the one screw. Simple as that. Pioneer, NEC, Lite-On, and Samsung all make good reliable Lap Top DVD Burners that will replace your Matshita UJ-841S DVD Burner.


Yep, agree with BeLooken. I highly doubt that there’s any RPC1 (Region Free) hacks out there for this drive, at least I couldn’t find any. You can, however, flash your drive with an RPC2 (autoreset) hack. This is a fairly dangerous undertaking…any mistakes or errors and you’ve got youself an expensive paperweight. Also, it will only return you to “select-a-region” functionality and with limited moves.

Another option for you is to pick up the internal optical drive of your choice and stick it in an external enclosure. You can pick up an internal and a case pretty cheap these days. This way, you have both drives available to you. Also, some retailers still want really excessive $ for laptop drives, but if you look around you should be ok…

Hope this helps.

Try this site for FW:


Hi Angelemmz,

Matshita DVD-RAM drive is simply shit, you must flash a RPC-1 firmware, which you can find at Also, after you flash the firmware, you can use DVD Region+CSS Free to enable you to watch any region DVDs.

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A good drive is a good investment and cheaper in the long run.