Please Help Cant play a simple movie



Ok heres the situation, I live near college and share a place with 4 other roomates and getting to watch tv was a hassle so because i have a computer in my room i decided id just buy one of the series i like the most and watch it at my computer as i cant afford to get a new tv right now i figured the Computer screen would be fine.
Anyway, About 2 weeks I ran out to the store and bought the first season of 24 ( This is Brand New not a burn or nothing like that its retail) i put in the first DVD and nothing the light came on and i heard a ticking noise in my dvd drive so i assumed it was bad and took it back and got another set opened it up and BANG same thing. Light came on and stayed on and after a few secs it starts ticking again and the computer wouldnt do nothing until id eject the disk. I tried restarting with the disk in and even during reboot faze it lights and ticks. I couldnt take it back again as i didnt think it was the movie and a friend at school had said it mighta been something about a css encryption told me to download something called DVD Region + CSS Free so i did and still nothing. I got the computer from my brother and never wiped it out but there wasnt really nothing on it and it worked fine but aother friend told me it could be something he had installed before that did this. I really dont know and didntnt want to wipe it out because i had all my shool stuff on it. Also i went out and rented Ice harvest on DVD (by the way really good movie) i figured at that point that if it didnt play than i needed a DVD drive but my brother promised it was new so i rented it and popped it in and it played perfectly i put in a few more of my roomates DVD’s and they played fine (PST DONT TELL HIM lol) So i threw the 24 on a shelf and said forget it. than the other day i had a friend stay over figuring to rent and watch a few movies and just hang out. My roomates were playing Scene it in the front room so as ussual i went to my room to watch and it happened again so now im mad and i dont know what to do. If i cant watch all the dvd’s on my computer than i cant keep renting them and hoping they will work and now im out like $70 in rentals and a series i cant watch except on rare occasions that all my roomates arent hogging the TV. by the way i use power DVD 5 and my drive is a Lite-on DVDRW SHW-160p6S. I dont want to burn any movies or watch any urnt movies id be so happy if i could just be a nice legal citizen and watch a few but it seems its gotten so bad with this write protection stuff that even an honset prson is getting burned (thats asuming it is some sort of protection like the people at school keep telling me). Please help as everyone has all these great ideas but id rather ask here rather than further corrupt my computer with a bunch downloads and stuff i have no idea how to use.
Thanks A. Wetzel
P.S. Please forgive my grammar or spelling as its very late and im way too tired to proof read.


What versions of Windows and Windows Media Player are on your PC? Are you sure that the computer has a DVD drive? As much info as possible about your computer would be helpful.


Sorry was in so frustrated i guess i didnt mention

Western Digital 40 gig master hard drive
13 gig quantum fireball slave hard drive
Window XP SP2
Windows Media Player 10
Direct X version 9.0C
amd athalon 2400+ processor
1 gig ram Kingston HyperX
nvideo geforce 6600gt video card
The motherboard is a gigabyte with nvidia 2 chipset dont know model #

If there is anything else you might need to know please let me know i check this post every hour or so when i can just to check up so i try to reply back fairly quick as ive never posted on a forum before and dont want to miss my only oppurtunity to fix this problem.


Does your computer recognize your DVD burner in the device manager? If so, what as? Have you had any problems with CD’s not being recognized?

Also do you happen to know if it’s set as master, slave, or cable select on the jumper settings on the back of the drive? You will have to open the case and possibly remove the drive to find out if you don’t know. Also which IDE connector is plugged into the drive (should be labeled as master or slave).


Try downloading powerDVD, it looks like you do not have a software DVD player. WMP does not by default play DVDs.


Yes it recognizes it as


and i have never had a problem with Cds ever ive installed a bunch of games and play music all the time


I don’t have any problems watching DVD’s with WMP 10.


I have Power DVD 5.0 installed as my brother gave it to me he said it came with the DVD burner when he bought it


Try installing the free trail of anydvd. It will run in the background and take care of any copy protection and or region problems to see if that is what is causing it. If it is, you can either buy anydvd or there are free programs to deal with the problems, we will just have to determine what aspect of the copy protection is causing the problem. Fyi when you insert the disk, anydvd should pop up an information window (unless you have that option disabled) that will tell the region of the disk and any kinds of copy protection found. You might want to save that information, particularlly if it does fix the problem.


Try updating the firmware. Should be available at


First a late welcome awetzel :slight_smile:

Download K-Lite codec pack and your WMP will play almost any video format.

BTW guys, what about [I]reading[/I] before posting…


I missed powerDVD sorry, but reading through one large paragraph is difficult.

Sounds strange that a shop bought disc in your region won’t work. I have to ask what colour is the disc side and did you buy it from a named chain retailer eg: Virgin, HMV, Tesco, Asda, Wal-Mart? I ask these because a friend bough a shrink wrapped DVD from a shop and it wouldn’t play and he asked me to come and look and low-and-behold the disc was purple, so that shop got delt with by trading standards. He learnt that just because it’s shrink wrapped doesn’t make it legit.

If it wasn’t for the fact that you said a rental was working I would have suggested checking what region your drive has been set too. Though the software you downloaded would have dealt with that problem anyway.

jt lucky you but I have never had WMP recognise a DVD, though I have locked it from internet access so it can’t get the necessary updates, that might explain it. Generally I don’t use it as I use VideoLan and WMP classic for all my viewing needs.

Pinto, that’s the worst advice I have ever heard to a newbie, almost every other forum I am on which deals with video problem tells newbies and complete ones at that to avoid codec packs like the plague. They can cause more problems than they cure and I have had experience of this with the k-lite pack.

The only other thing that comes to my mind is negated by the fact that you are using your monitor and not TV out.


OK i did the firmware thing it said i already had the latest but i said maybe it got corupted so i flashed it anyways Didnt work

I tried the Anydvd it said no disc in drive i put in another dvd and it worked fine so programs good. tried all 6 disks on the series of 24 with none of even being recognized at all.

Checked my region it is set to 1

I added the codecs to no avail

I downloaded regcleaner and cleaned out my registry dont know why but figured nothing else was seeming to work and again nothing.

I tried a few newer release movies thinking it was a new copyright thing but Harry Potter - Two for the money - Jarhead all worked perfectly

Took the cd into roomates room tried it there worked fine this really made me mad cuz not only do they hog the tv but they obviously have a better computer.

My conclussion either my drive is just not capable of reading the right protection on these disks and wont allow me to watch them or my drive is broke

Either way i guess ill have to break out the credit card

P.S. the disks are not fake i checked them good plus i got them at walmart so pretty sure they are legit i only ussually buy from walmart because i can return just about anything even electronic stuff no questions asked


One last thing that really leads me to believe my drive is junk is that if the disk is in the drive it does same thing during bootup as it does in windows and this is way before anything is loaded up im talking as soon as i turn the computer on all the way till windows is up and running the drive is still trying to recognize


I wouldn’t say that your drive is junk if it’s playing other movies besides the 24 series. I doubt it is a copyright/digital right management issue. The only thing that I can think of would be that your Wal-Mart got a bad batch of 24 season 1 sets, but if it’s playing in a DVD player or another computer that is unlikely. It may just be that there is something about these discs that your Lite-On just doesn’t like. I know that this doesn’t solve the problem, but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would be a possible explanation.

P.S. There are others on this forum that probably have yet to see this thread, so be patient as someone may have experienced the same frustration and may have the solution.


Ok heres the update i did like the last post said and just decided to be patient. #1 reason im more intrigued to figure this out than anything else at this point.
I just wiped my computer put a fresh copy of XP on it and updated to service pack 2 i installed only my nvidia drivers, Power DVD and my system board drivers. I popped the disc in AND Drum roll Please!!!
Same old crap :frowning:
i have my ribbon cable conected in the second IDE controller slot and have it plugged into the primary or farthest connector on the ribbon and have it set to Master as its the only drive on the second IDE controller slot. My 2 hard drives are connected to the first and main IDE Controller slot.

Something i noticed and maybe its normal but down in the sys tray when its recognizing new hardware it says CD-Rom device found not DVD rom but in the “My computer” area after it installs it shows it correctly as DVD RW Drive.

In a little while when i shake off the fatigue of being up all night im gonna try a new ribbon cable. Ill let ya know how that goes

P.S. Thanks for all the ideas. it may not have fixed it yet but at least i know there are people out there who dont mind lending a helping hand even when it feels like its all in vien


i wish i could help with the problem as it seems most frustrating, but i can tell you that Windows recognizing it as a CD drive is perfectly “normal.”

i say normal in quotes because it’s par for the course for windows and doesn’t affect functioning of the product, but it’s annoying as all hell if you’re very detail oriented like myself. you’d think micro$oft could manage to correctly recognise attached devices!

out of pure curiousity, how old is the dvd drive in question? also, is it at all possible for you to test another drive in your system? even a spare dvd-rom hanging around or maybe one of the roomies will be daring enough to let you take their computer apart and give it a shot? that would at least determine if it was something on your system that isn’t a 24 fan or if it’s the drive itself.

if that series is the only thing you’re having trouble with I wouldn’t worry too much (easy to say, right?), but if you start having trouble with a wider variety of discs i’d consider replacing the drive. a brand new dvd burner can be had probably for less than you paid for that season of 24. i just bought a benq dw 1655 with lightscribe for ~$40.

replacement shouldn’t have to be the option, but if you keep running into trouble i’d keep an eye on the bargain basement forums for some good deals.

what i was getting at when asking about the age of the drive is if it’s very new you could get a replacement under warranty or if it’s very old maybe the laser is wearing out (less likely since you said these discs are the ONLY problems you’ve had)

not very helpful, i know, but i definitely empathize with you. I’m a girl and I have 6 (male) roommates so TV time (not to mention bathroom time) is a precious commodity :slight_smile: