Please help can't find drive

I just upgraded (at least they call it an upgrade) to windows vista. I have the standard dell drives in my computer
Philips DVD±RW DVD8631 ATA Device
When I finished with Vista I went to burn a CD and I can’t seem to even find my e: drive the Philips dvd rw drive. It’s not in device manager it’s not in my computer. I don’t know much about computers just enough to screw things up so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.


I’m not experience with Vista so perhaps other users can help?


installing a newer Windows version on top of an existing installation isn’t a good idea at all. It is preferred to install on a new, fresh formatted partition.
The reason for optical drives not detected may be some CD/(DVD writing software, that is not compatible with Vista. There sould be some article in the MS knowledge base about this.

Michael, still running W2k :slight_smile: