Please help, can't create power user account

I give up, I been using xp pro sp2 for about a month now and can’t seem to create a power user account, so others can burn cd’s and dvd’s without using my adminstrator account(some administrator). I know about the Nero download to fix this but I only use Nero for music. Shouldn’t the drives be accessable with a power user account? :o

They should be - but you cant set specific Account Group Policy with just XP SP2. The different groups are preset. What you need to do to overcome any application problem due to group policy is:

Copy the install directory of the App (in this case the Ahead Folder) to your Shared Documents folder. Any Account including standard User accounts can write to, delete or modify data that is in the Shared Folder.

Thanks Pullushon, I will try that. I guess I would have to do this with all my burning apps? i.e., Plextools, DVD Decrytor and DVD Shrink?

Correct. Anything that needs to write to disc,(as in HDD) including some games, will need to be in the shared folder for anyone other than Admins. Its much easier than setting up Server 2K3 and the Active Directory Plugin.:slight_smile: I would recommend setting up User Accounts as opposed to Power User Accounts - not just for the feeling of power but for safety’s sake. It is impossible for a User to break anything. (Unless they are really adept)

I meant to add: Once you copy the contents to the Shared Folder be sure to create a shortcut on the Users desktop that points to the Shared Folder. If the .exe trys to run the Admin Program Files\Ahead.exe it may deny access or work incorrectly.

I’m not having any luck, my burning programs still won’t recognise my drives. I even added drive letter shortcuts to the shared folder.

Sorry My bad - I thought your Users couldnt run the App. So what your saying is the Users cant even view the drives in my Computer? That shouldnt be, somethings gone amiss on account creation. Can you run me through how you create your Users?

I wasn’t clear enough looking at my 1st post. I did a fresh install and got to the point where it asks you if you want to create the accounts, so I made the administrator account for myself and a user account for everyday use. I have slowly installing programs, and didn’t realize I had a problem until I tried to open Plextools from the user account, I got an error box that said: Error: No Devices found Dear user, This software could not detect any devices. They may not be installed or not intalled properly or not working due to failure of the hardware. Also please make sure you have administrative rights. None of my burning programs can find the drives using the user account, although Nero Drive Info can see them and My Computer also. The programs all work fine on my administrator account. I believe I can play DVD’s and music CD’s from the User account, but Windows seems to be blocking my recording software from seeing drives.

It would seem that the curse of the poorly written program has struck. Unfortunately the scenario you’ve described is pretty much unfixable in the current state. Some (alot) of Apps aren’t written to reflect use of a low permission account. (fair enough to) Some will actually say in fine print that they can only function under full admin access. You may just have to use the old “Run As” function. I’ll get back with more detail Shortly. (there is a really old Admin Guru who sits next to me)

I appreciate your enthusiasm to help me solve my problem Pollushon! I guess winxp will not allow access to users without administrative rights then?

It seems that way.
Not without 2K3 and the Active Directory on top at least. Curse XP why bother throwing in mmc.exe and gpedit.msc if you cant utilise it. Still it beats Novell’s Console 1 - The crap i have to deal with every day.

Ok, If I am reading this right, your problem is in giving the user access to the folders that your programs are installed into.
Xp sp2 creates profile access rights automaticly. What you need to do is to take that right away from windows.
To do this…Type gpedit.msc in the run box on your admin profile.

navigate your way to (computer configuration/windows settings/local policies/sercurity options)

Now look for the setting :
Network settings:sharing and sercurity model for local accounts. (its near the bottom of the list)

Change this setting from (guest only) to (classic-local users authenticate as themselves).

You can now right click on a file or folder and select sharing and sercurity from the menu…under the sercurity tab you can now give access to the users you wish to be able to access the folder…

Hope this helps.

All I want to do is allow other family members to burn music and dvd’s without using my administrator account. My dumb, I thought this would be a simple matter. Since XP doesn’t allow access to low level drivers to other users, I guess not so simple. Seems I would have to manually allow access to countless folders, drivers, dll’s and whatever else. Hasn’t this subject been covered on the forum before? I can’t find it. I guess I’m in over my brain cell.

Thanks Drifternz, I found the entry and changed it. I’m still doing something wrong, the programs appear like they are being shared but Plextools for example won’t open because it can’t find the drives.