Please Help! Cannot Backup DVD "Chicken Little"

Didn’t want my 5yr-old to mess up the original copy, but could not backup the movie whatsoever. Tried Nero 7 with AnyDVD but failed (Nero error msg: Failure to read the disk); CloneDVD (Failed to read too, and do not know the version of it now coz deleted the program after it failed to copy the movie). Finally tried InterVideo DVDCopy 4 and the backup could only be played on PC by PowerDVD, but just wouldn’t run on all of my home DVD players. Any suggestion would be gladly appreciated.

What media are you using and what are your computer specs. You should be able to back this up with clonedvd2 and anydvd from slysoft with no problems.

@ Asali_Aruba,

I had absolutely no problems making a backup copy of Chicken Little using AnyDVDv5.9.4.1- CloneDVDv2.8.9.2.

Suggest reviewing the AnyDVD-CloneDVD user tutorial.

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I had trouble doing it with dvdshrink, i got it to work by using dvdfabdecrypter then
running dvdshring and burning with imgburn.Have not tried the others these have done
anything i have tried so far but i am still new to it.
Good luck