Please Help! Burning newbie Thanx!

:bow: I am in need of anyones knowledge of burning dvd`s.,

I have about 200 purchased Movies, i bought a dvd burner its an LG (basic one) to copy all of my movies because my family and/or friends lose them, scratch them or keep them, so i want to learn how to put them on a blank dvd so i keep my origionals for the kids when there older especially the Disney collectors

I purchased a 50 pack of dvd+r (i hope this is the right kind) package already open. Cand anyone tell me how to do this step by step?

Please be patient with me, I am not computer intolerant, matter of fact, COMPUTERS
hate me :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your time people on reading my problem!!

I hope someone out there could assist me

have a look at this guide

if i follow all these steps, your saying i will be able to burn all my movies?
will they fit on one dvd?, i need to know which programs to use… dvd shrink? Nero? dvd decryptor , i dont know how to use any of these programs, is there an easy system to all of this?

You may want to look into something like 1 Click DVD Copy.
Normaly one movie = one disc.

You must read up to learn, it will take a bit of time.
true you may lose a few dvd+Rs but you will learn given some time.
There are lots of instruction in the forums.

Here step by step guidance:

In addition to programs mentioned here you might also nead RipIt4Me to remove copy protection on newer movies. :slight_smile:

Note, this program has been pulled so you might do a good search for guide/documentation.

Buy some DVD+RW to practice on so you will not ruin any blank DVD+R’s.

looks like another LG problem.

whoops, posted that one in the wrong thread!

dvdfab hd decrypter (remove protections), dvd shrink (fit to one dvd+r) and imgburn (write to dvd) will do what you are looking for.

go to, there are some good guides there.