Please Help! Burning Audio Bible



[B]Hi all,

I really am having a hard time trying to get my downloaded Audio Bible burned on an Audio CD (700 MB/80 Min CD-R) They are 2 huge MP3 files, one is 339 MB and the other is 111. Please help!



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Can you post more details? What burning software do you use?


[B]Thanks Geno,

I pretty much have all of them. What I’m trying to do is get the entire MP3 files onto 2 or 3 CD’s max.



I think that the ratio of mp3 to wav format is in excess of 7:1 therefore you’re looking at closer to 4/5 CDs if the original MP3s are coded at 256k. If they’re 128k then it could be more like 8.

I wouldn’t think that this is possible.


[B]Thanks Geno,

Makes me wonder how the heck people get like 100 MP3 songs on one CD?



They can because leave all songs in mp3 format. In your initial question, you ask for an audio CD, so like says TimC, it’s impossible.

If you want to leave your audio files in mp3, then you can burn onto only 1 disc (450 MB on a 700 MB disc is fine).

Using Nero burning ROM, you can choose new compilation --> data CD.

In this way you can put all data on a single CD.