Please help burned audio cds wont play all tracks

well first off all im new and im glad i found this forum. but heres the problem
i newa had this prob before.
when i burn a audio cd and i try to play it in my stereo only the first 6 tracks work,rest of the audio dont play. the cd is just spinning like crazy.
i wasted 15 disc now :a i did try tdk sony verbatim cdr. i also did try to burn whith nero cdrwin. i also get lead out error. i did try to burn 1x speed only
also did defrag my hd and did turn off progs in the backround. but nothing :confused: i got a lg cd burner, maybe i should make some settings in bios? or any other settings? i hope someone helps.

ps:my english sucks.

Copy individual audio file to the hard drive using .WAV format. Play back each .WAV file to make sure that you have good audio. Now drag and drop each .WAV file to your burn compilation and burn. Close the write session so no additional data can be added to the CD.

thanks for the reply but already done that. also i did created a image file first before burning still getting error.

What is the source material? WAV files, MP3s or another CD?

If it’s WAV, verify that they are 44 kHz 16 bit PCM.
If it is MP3s, it may be best to decode them to WAV first. Use WinAmp with the Diskwriter plugin, or EAC, or dbPowerAmp.

Does this happen just with one project, or you cannot burn audio CDs properly at all?

whith all projekt the first 6 tracks only works.
i just uninstalled nero im gonna try to leave only one burning prog on my hd .and thanks! for the tips i will try it.

wow! i dont know why but everything work now! after uninstalling nero.

Yeah, sometimes the settings can get a bit messed up and an uninstall is the way to go.

There are several reasons an audio CD-R might not play, some of which are quite technical, and not at all obvious. I discuss a number of the reasons in my new article Why Can’t I Play the CDs That I Burn?. It’s the first in a planned series of digital music how-to articles.

An insidious problem is that the non-standard, high-capacity 80 minute, 700 MB CD-R discs won’t play in many older players. What’s worse is that they often get stuck, so you have to pry the player open to get your disc out.

The solution of course is to use standards-compliant 72 minute, 650 MB media, but it’s getting very hard to find. I’m not able to find it anywhere - if you can tell me where 72 minute blanks can be purchased online, I’d be happy to link it from my article.