PLEASE HELP!Both my drives won't read any cd's

ok just yesterday i installed a game(hl2 5 cd’s) with my tdk 32x cd burner. I also have a plextor 716a which i had used prob a few days eailer. i just got my 716 about 2 months ago its been working great till today.

so today i try to play a game and it won’t read any cd’s…neither drive reads any
kind of cd or dvd or w/e. i couldn’t believe that both drives would be broke!!

when i put in a disc both drives blink there lits 2 times and pause. on tdk the light is green on the plextor it is amber. i went to the plextor site i cann’t remember what the code was for but it didn’t help for nothin.

also when i double click on my plextor drive in my computer it says cann’t be accesed i/o device error…my other drive just says insert cd.

so…first thing that came to mind was my ide cable…i had a brand new spare cable put it in and still the same problem. so then i updated my plextor firmware and that didn’t help either.

p.s. i also went into device manager and put ide in pio mode didn’t help. switched back to auto or w/e.

so im stuck and need your help and here are my computer specs incase you need them.

winxp sp1
amd 2100+ xp
512mb corsair platnium extreme legacy
ati 9800 pro aiw
tdk 32x
plextor px-716A
asus motherboard cann’t remember model
2x 150gb wd

ok i switched my ide cable to secondary still wouldn’t work. then i disconnected my tdk drive and had just my plextor on cable as master it still wouldn’t work.

went to plextor this is what the code states

Auto adjustment failed

Cannot read a stamped disc or initialize a CD-R/RW disc because the drive cannot properly configure the focus and track adjustment settings

this is there solution

Please follow all steps outlined below:

  1. Re-boot your computer. Check again.

  2. Make sure the disc is not upside down or scratched

  3. Try a “known good” disc that can be read in another drive or could be read previously in this drive

  4. If this is a CD-R or CD-RW disc, try another one from a different manufacturer

If you still get blinking LED lights after going through the troubleshooting process your drive is most likely defective. Click here for return/repair information. Please reference attempting this test procedure on the RMA request form.

NOW i DO NOT understand how TWO(2) DRives could go bad AT THE SAME TIME!!!

COULD??? a virus have done this?
Could?? windows be acting stupid?
on my ide cable there is a black cord(ground) with a eye hole for a screw…if that wasn’t touchin metal by chance could that be causeing it? but my guess is thats just an extra backup ground.

any help would be appresiated thanks

p.s. i cann’t get my windows cd to boot up at dos either!!!

ok i got my 32x tdk drive working again…don’t ask what the prob was :frowning:

so i took my plextor and put it in another computer and it doesn’t work in it either…so there is something definitly wrong with the drive…unfortunitly i don’t think i have my receipt (bought it just 2 months ago) so i won’t be able to prove its under warrenty…at lest thats how i think it works anyway. so i guess im screwed out of $140