Please Help! Audio CD Burning Problem

I am so far very frustrated dealing with my burners!!!

There are 2 burners installed in my PC; ASUS CRW-4832AS (CD Burner) and Sony DVD-RW DRU820A (DVD AND CD Burner).

There have been no problems with these burners burning audio CDs up until few days ago (after expanding memory from 256MB to 768MB). The problem I am having now is that the audio CDs that I burn (using both burners) would have “skips” within a single track. In other words, the CDs I burn now would not play smoothly in my CD player. The weirdest thing is that when playing the original mp3 file on PC would not have the same “skipping” problem. So I figure the problem should not be the mp3 file is damaged?

I have tried different blank CDs (Fuji, TDK, and HP) using different burning software (Nero 7, Windows Media Player and Winamp), but I always get the same result.

Any help would be appreciated.

Im not sure but you might need to update your firmware

This is a known issue with Nero, not sure if they ever got the “skipping” problem fixed or not. There has been much discussion about this issue up and including Nero 7.

Hi & welcome.

Try burning at no more than 16x to see if that helps.

You could also check that DMA is enabled for both your burners.

There’s also another app to try. Burrrn ( is a very good freeware burnier that handles a multitude of formats that none of the ones you quote would look at.

Thank you all for the help…I figured something was wrong with Nero too. Probably a bug in its mp3.dll. So Can anyone recommend a software that can burn mp3 into reqular CDs?

Thanks a lot

I did.

Thanks Tim,
While I was trying out Burrrn, I found that it could not open up some mp3 files. There were 13 tracks in this album that I could open and play all 13 using Winamp, but when I tried to burn this album using Burrrn, it would only open up 2 tracks. Perhaps there were settings I overlooked?

That’s most odd.

There’s not much in the settings you can change. Maybe there’s an actual issue with the mp3 files.

You could try Cdex (again free) & convert the files to WAV format before compiling the CD.

Yeah, Nero sucks in the sense that when you burn an audio CD, you can be assured that for the first 30 sec of each track, it will at least skip once [B]OR[/B] takes forever to read the beginning of a track. Kind of disappointing because for every CD you buy, you will want a perfect back-up copy for the car audio player.

That’s why image supporting tools exist.

Thank you all for the help. I will try all the recommendation.

I’m not sure weather this problem relates to the mp3pro.dll skipping audio track issue experienced with some users, when burning Audio CDs from MP3 files.
Try replacing your mp3pro.dll file with a version earlier than I eventually had to go as low as to fix my problem, but it worked in the end.
To test weather your mp3pro.dll version is working without burning another CD that might potentially skip, just play the track (that normally skips) directly in the compilation window. If it plays fine, then the mp3pro.dll file you have resolves your problem and all your Audio CDs from there on will be OK!