Please Help an Idiot

I downloaded episodes of an old tv show, and I would like to put them on a DVD, but when I tried to put them on a DVD, I could only fit three episodes on a single disk. I have about forty episodes, so that won’t work. All Episodes are about 22 minutes, so I should be able to fit for on a disk than three.

I am using Sonic’s My DVD program to burn it, if that matters.

What I want to do is be able to put more episodes on a single DVD (to watch, not as a data disk). How do I make the files smaller.

I have almost no clue what I am doing, can anyone help me?

Download and use DVDShrink, and then DVDCrypter. Shrink will allow you to shrink them down, and then you can use DVDCrypter to encode and burn to DVD. You will have to google to find the downloads.