Please help, Acer 5920G Laptop Blu-Ray DVD doesn't run when I put a Blu-Ray DVD on (or any other normal DVD)

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year to all.

Only found out about this great site from a friend today and I hope you will be able to assist me as you did him.
I apologise in advance if my question sounds stupid…

I have just bought an Acer 5920G Laptop from a local computer shop. This laptop is supposed to have a Blu-Ray player but when I put my Blu-Ray DVD on in to the laptop (or any other DVD for that matter) nothing happens.
I’m guessing this could be because there is no Blu-Ray DVD driver installed?
If that is the case can someone please tell me;

  1. What DVD driver should come with the Acer 5920G model?

  2. Should the driver be a Blu-Ray driver as opposed to normal DVD driver?

  3. How can I get the driver (and which one is it)?

Any help you can give me would be great.

Many thanks again.


Does it have any Blue ray/Dvd player software installed in the laptop?

I don’t think there is, that’s probably what the problem is.

Does this laptop need a specifc Blu-ray player or will any Blu-ray software work?

I say this because along side my keyboard I also have dvd controller buttons (e.g. play, back forward etc).

What can I do?


Try the “try me” of this and see if it sloves your problem.

Also you can get the manual for it here:

Here is a how stuff works guide: