Please help a new 708a user

Hi all
well i have had my 708a now for 4 days,and its doing my head in
I can burn dvd-r(G-O4) ok at 4 speed.
So i got some dvd+r 4x which i was told burnes at 8x
they are Arita(DVD INFO:- RICOHJPNR01 ) the site i got them
off is SVP,but they burn worse then the dvd-r discs aaahhh

They start at 8x then mid way they slooooww down heaps

it can take upto 20mins for these 4 speed discs to write…
i am using Nero also Recordnow DX 4.6 with the
500px engine…

My 708 has the 1.02 firmware.

what would you guys do…?

i have been told that if i update to 1.03 i wont be able to
burn the G-O4 discs at 4x…

please help…



opps forgot to say…
i have the 708a connected to my USB 2 via a IDE to USB

Hi, and welcome! :slight_smile:

These discs did work better with firmware 1.03 for me. Firmware 1.03 did not make anything worse for me.

Notice that the quality of arita discs varies and ritek have sometimes distributed B grade media under the arita brand.

The plextor automatically slows down if it finds the discs to be of low quality.

Could you try the drive in a computer without using the usb2 case? Just to see if that is the problem…

Thanks m8
will update the firmware to 1.03 now and see what happens…

I think u are right about passing off A2 media for A1
but u dont know what you got till u try them…

thanks for ur time m8 :wink: