Please help a n00b with 1620-r problems

I bought a I/O magic 16x DL/DF writer it is labled a BenQ 1620.oc1 drive. Firmware on it now is G7Z9. It is the secondary master on my PC.

I am having issues buring on verbatim dvd-r 8x or memorex dvd-r 8x. Neither media works in my ps2 yet the same media burnt in my friends old pioneer a04 works great. I really need to stick with -r media as I have been told older ps2’s wont read +r.All of these discs I have tried to burn were at 2.4x. I can occasionally get them to boot and play but they obviously arent being written properly for some reason. Even cheaper media burnt on my friends a04 play flawlessly.

Is this possibly a firmware issue? If so what is the process of changing it to the retail firmware? I’m extremly new to all of this so any detailed help with links would be so greatly appreciated…

To flash your drive to a retail version, read this post. You can also use the search to find out more,
Can you post a scan of your burned disk. Benq is a better +dvdr burner than a -dvdr burner, maybe you should try a +dvdr disk.
Bitsettng to -rom is already enabled in the latest B7T9 firmware. Maybe this solves the problem.
The only way to find out is flash to firmware B7T9 and burn a disk.

I agree with cor808 about trying a +R disc. Even if you bought a 15 pack spindle somewhere cheap it would be worth trying to see if they would actually work although a Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.61 disc quality scan @ 8x would certainly be useful in seeing how the media you are currently using is burning. :slight_smile:

the book type setting to dvd-rom may trick your player into thinking it’s a ‘real’ dvd, and not a burn (only works with +r). borrowing one or buying a single would be the best option.

i’ve tried ritek g05 and had horrible results with video stuttering. the best -r i’ve tried were from bj’s wholesale club. they’re CMC MAG. AF1 branded with a small generic bj’s logo.

Im trying to get Nero CD/DVD Speed to work now. I keep getting an error so Im going to try reinstalling it.

I hope I can get the -r to work becuase I have about 50 of each, and Im worried +r wont work on the older ps2

I thought by other posts that the -r issues were fixed with the newer benq firmware?

Those Verbatim disks are excelent quality disks, maybe firmware B7T9 will fix your problems. But to judge the already burned disks we would like to see some quality scans made with cd\dvd spped tool from Nero.
You can use the links in my earlier post to flash to B7T9.
Benq can produce very good burns on quality media like Verbatim but I thnik the Benq is still a better +dvdr burner.
Maybe you can trade a disk with a friend or so just to try a +dvdr, it’s just a suggestion.

Well with Nero cd/dvd speed I get “Error-Invalid field in CDB (052400)” even after trying to reinstall. The only place I can find dvdinfopro is expired…

I guess Im going to look into the firmware upgrades unless someone has a better suggestion? I really appreciate the help and patience.

I hate to give up on the drive too quickly, but I hope I can get it to do quality -r burns

Thank You! I now have the drive running B7P9 firmware. Im still getting the same error with cd/dvd speed. Should I try upgrading to B7T9 or try burning another disc?

I may run out and get some + media later but I would be so much happier if I can get the - working…

As far as I know, only firmware B7T9 has -rom already enabled in the firmware, but this is for +dvdr disks.
But you can also use the benq bitsetting tool wich you can find on the benq site.
What error do you get starting rhe cd/dvd speed tool?
Maybe you have to install aspi layer again.
Start Nero info tool to see if there are any problems with your configuration.

A bit sad we can’t see a scan of your burned disk which gave you troubles>

This is the error I get when I try to actually run the cd/dvd speed tools
“Error-Invalid field in CDB (052400)”

I dont get any errors when burning a disk with dvd decryptor or nero just when trying to use the nero tools.

I just tried burning another disk with the updated firmware and Im still having problems getting the games to boot. I just got dvdinfopro to work I can use that to test the disks cant I?

No errors come up at all when I run the Nero info tool either

yes you can use dvdinfopro to make a scan. It’s kind a late now and I have to get up early so I try to help you tomorow. Post some computer specs like motherbord, proc, ide drivers etc.
Which version of Nero do you use?

I hope I did the test right. I ran it at 4x but I can do an 8x test if that would be helpful.This disc was burned using dvd decryptor @ 2.4x onto verbatim 8x -r media

I will try to get togthter a list of PC specs here in a little bit.

Here is the test on the same disc @ 8x. Dunno if it helps but Im dying to get this straight.

For me, this test (8x) looks still pretty good and I would say it is an reliable burn. I use the same DVD-Rs atm and they look pretty much the same, on 2 burners (LG and BenQ)


Try to set the Booktype to DVD-ROM. You can do that in nero if it works or with DVD Bitsetter or alexnoe´s bitset tool. Dont have the links at hand, but with google you will find them. They only work on DVD+ media, though, as DVD- does not allow to set the Booktype (it is pre-embossed).

All the best.

I dont know anything about PS2 - maybe you would like to try to burn one disc at 4x or 8x speed … I think its more like a urban legend that discs burned@2.4 work better, as most writers have their information what media to burn at which speed in their firmware and lowering the speed will not necessarily get better results.

Agains, i dont know about PS2! IIRC there are several versions out of that beast using different drives - also the much discussed mod-chip / firmware issue on the PS2 may be a factor in this as well? And make sure it is not a copying issue which has nothing to do with the writer itself.

Maybe will help you … there is a media list with result of many ppl with DVD Players, Consoles, … etc regarding compatibility?

Hope it helps a little bit!

Good luck, oman

Well I tried another burn last night with nero version @ 8x on the same verbatim 8x media. I ran it through nero cd speed 3.61 after burning and got a quality score of 97. Neither of the ps2’s will boot it on a regular basis yet some princos my friend burned 2 years ago boot 100%. Im at at loss…

Here are the results from cd speed on the princo that I test booted 10 out of 10 times. Quality score was 53

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware: B7T9
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 185
Average: 53.61
Total: 713467
PI failures
Maximum: 30
Average: 8.48
Total: 101592
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 14.7 %
Average: 10.55 %
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 8:35
Number of samples: 14984
Average scanning interval: 8.03 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

Here are the results from the verbatim that booted 4 out of 10 tries. Quality score was 97

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware: B7T9
Disc: DVD-R (MCC 02RG20 )
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 103
Average: 24.53
Total: 338473
PI failures
Maximum: 6
Average: 0.74
Total: 3526
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 11.3 %
Average: 10.28 %
Scanning statistics
Elapsed time: 9:38
Number of samples: 17528
Average scanning interval: 8.01 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

I cant figure out why the verbatim disc I burned which are almost twice the quality according to cd speed yet have such a terrible boot success. I did notice that the spike in PI errors on my disc are at the very begining, but even then the max is only 103. Anone have any suggestions?

Your not playing dvd movies, but you try to copy a ps2 game. I also no nothing about ps2 games and their dvd anti copy security. I left my time of copying sd2 games behind me (clone cd, alcohol 120%). Benq is not a great device for copying games which have a anti copy security, you could have read that in the review of the Benq.
Maybe burning speed is an issue, I realy dont now?

If you want to copy games, you’re in the wrong forum, maybe yuo have to look here.

As far as I understand, Nero cd/dvd speed tool is working correct now, is it?
Can you post a Nero quality scan, just out of interest.
Sorry we can’t help you any further, this is something yu have to solve by yourself by experiment different methods I think.

As far as I understand, Nero cd/dvd speed tool is working correct now, is it?

Yes it is working fine. Isn’t quality scan results what I posted above or do you want to see a screen capture of the graph? I’m so sorry Im really new to all this…

I guess I eliminated the copy protection scheme as the problem as the game does occasionally boot, and I thought the ps2 was fine as the old princos with a 53 quality rating all boot 100% but the best I can get out of the verbatims with a 97 score is 40%

I had the same problems, but with my xbox. -R burned on my BenQ got the “dirty disc error”, but the same type of media burned with my new NEC 3500A works flawlessly. Even if I try to bitset a +R, the xbox has problems reading it. Because of that I had to change my BenQ for NEC but I liked the BenQ better.