Please Help 451s burning problems

Hi Guys … hope u can help me … I am at wits end here …

I bought a 411s last week and could not get it to burn a single thing … either DVDs or normal CD’s … nero would recognise the drive but wouldnt burn anything … the readbuffer would get to 100% and just sit there … I took the drive back to the store to get a replacement … and they upgraded it to a 451s

Same thing … Nero … Ver 6. something (latest version) will not burn CD’s or DVD’s. I installed the sonic software that came with the drive and I am able to burn normal CD’s … both audio and data fine … But the big problem is it wont burn DVD’s … once again the read buffer gets to 100 % and just sits there … the drive doesnt spin up or even start to burn or read anything.

I can however use windows explorer to drag and drop files on the dvd drive and it copies them fine … only problem with that is I have tried to read the burnt DVD on 4 other computers now and it doesnt recognise that the disc has valid data on it …

I installed the latest set of aspi drivers from adeptic … but that still doesnt help.

My Questions

  1. Why cant I burn any DVD’s … using Nero or Sonic … and what do I need to do to get them to work properly.

  2. Why cant I read those DVD’s that I burnt via explorer on other machines

My system is

XP Pro - sp1a
80 GB Matrox HB
Duron 1.2 Gb CPU
512k ddr ram
10/100 Network card
Gforce 2 MX 64 video card
Samsung CD/DVD Rom - Secondary IDE - Master

Liteon 451s - Secondary IDE Slave

BTW … I tried to remove the Samsung and make the 451s a Master … no difference at all with the burning.

Thanks for any help in advance