first off i have tried all media, Maxells, Ritek G05’s , Taiyo Yuden 01 and 02, TDK, Memeroex -r and +r …

  1. I ahave also used stock firmware, new stock firmware updtes and hacked firmware, currently beta 3 is on…

NOW< in every case, the burtn media leaves different color rings int he disc, they are darker and lighter areas, sometimes a half inch and sometimes more, someimes on 2 different shades, when i write at 12x, i will get like 4 or 5 different rings dometimes.

NOW, all discs play perfect, no errors either…

Are the discs bad?? i had a Pioneer 106 and never had this problem, I might drop the 3520 and go to the Pioneer 109…

please help, also if you want to buy this drive LMK

i have seen the same this on several discs of mine. most likely the different rings you are seeing are where the drive is burning at different speeds. each “section” is a different speed

will this cause the discs to not last or are thy bad burns??

When you burn a dvd without rings, on whatever drive, there’s still a color difference between the inside and the outside of the disc. However, the color change is gradual in this case, instead of stepped. It is a direct result of the writing process and woudn’t indicate a bad burn. It’s more an indication of bit density.

so the Pioneer drive will not be any better?

Only a 3500 will be better :slight_smile: but still leaves colored rings. Other media can make a difference, because some media are written with a P-CAV strategy (leaving no rings but a graduate color shift) and others are written with a Z-CLV strategy (producing rings). But AFAIK, this makes no difference for the quality.

so the 3500 is a better drive than the 3520?

Not necessarily, but since the 3500 exists longer, firmwares are better. But the 3520 is catching up, especially with modded firmwares! You can expect it to become equally good or better in a few months time.