Please help 2510A cant read its own discs!

Hi there

I’m new hear desparatly in need for some help with my new drive which i purchased from

The porblem lies in the reading of DVD-R discs. It wirtes to every disc well (well the sony cdrw i tried, it only wrote at 10x while my sony cdrw drive wrote at that disc at 12x).

All dvd-r and dvd+rw I tried was writte nto flawlessly (Ridisc 4x G04 DVD-R and Verbatim 4x DVD+rw)

When I insert the disk in the drive, XP loads the disc and then when I double click on the video file I burnt, it takes ages to load it into media player and then ultimately after a while it says cannot read or something like that. My HDD led and DVDRW drive led is always on - I think it tries to read but strugles.

This reading issue was not a problem with the first DVD-R I wrote. But know every DVD-R I write too cannot be read by the unit. However, my DIVX standalone DVD player reads the discs flawlessly!!! :frowning: :frowning:

I’m using the stock 2.15 firmware…

Any suggestion guys… I’m thinking of returning it to ebuyer

Please let me know




Which burning software are you using?
Which format are you using, DVD-Video?

You can’t just dump a video file on a DVD and expect it to behave like a movie, it has to be authored that way

The 2510a has a max dvd write speed of 8x and 32x for CDR

Hi there

Im buring the video files to the DVD-R as DVD-ROM (ISO) in Nero 6.3.16

I created a multisession and a no mulitsession disc - same prob.

Please let me know.


Ok if you have NERO 6, then you should also have Nero Vision Express
Use Nero Vision EXpress to make your DVD, although it wouldn’t be my choice of DVD Authoring software. Check out the Authoring thread in this forum for more details.

For Nero Vision Express run the program and add your video files following the online help or consult your online manual.

Me thinks you may have a bit of reading to do :bigsmile:


My intention is not to make a DVD disc.

I simply want to back up my files, in this case i used an avi file as it is and burnt it onto the DVD-R disc thats it.

Ive also burnt some JPEGS onto the disk… the damn drive cant even read those properly form the disk.

Please let us know




Doing it that way, your PC will try and create a TEMP file of the video image on your harddisk before playing the file in media player the result will be your system will most likely hang. This happens when the DVD disc is accessed from Windows explorer by the way, which is most likely the reason you cant seem to access anything from the DVD disc

even with JPEGS…??

Ive just tried these discs on another system of mine which only has a dvd-rom drive and the discs are read so well the avi files play beautifully in media player staight away from the disc

do u think the drive is faulty?

lol i don’t know if its faulty, i don’t know your setup, how the drive is connected, if DMA mode is set on the drive, and a whole host of other things that may be wrong other than the drive itsself. There are many faqs on this forum which should guide you as to how to setup the drive and how to connect it.

Try playing an authored DVD movie from your movie collection and see if it will play in the drive, you will need some dvd playback software to do that though.

Also you may try making a DATA DVD-ROM with some smaller files on it, like jpg pictures for example and see if it can read and access those files

EDIT : YOu will also require a DivX CODEC install on your PC to play an DivX AVI file

I think it’s no case for discussing codec, auithoring, divx and… etc. It’s all about data DVD and it’s burning quality.

Just read your data DVD using nero CD-DVD then see what (if any) error it reports.
Try 2500A and other DVD readers(if you have any) for that. There’s high chance that other DVD readers can read it fine. (Of course Kprobe is also recommended but I assume you don’t have a Lite-On drive. Anyway Nero CD-DVD is good enough to decide if a disc is defected or not.)

Ok mate will try what u suggest right away… :cool:

But one question: Why oh why can the drive read the same data that has been written EXACTLY the same way onto a dvd+rw disc and not a dvd-r disc…?

this drive can do everything else, read from every other disc, but cant read from the dvd-r disc it wirtes… hmmm :sad: :sad: :sad:

Other DVD readers read my burned DVD-R disc beautifully…

Just tried to access the disc via Nero file browser still doesnt read it - it caused nero to hang…

the drive was OEM…the drive is on its own on the Sec Master, my mobo is Gigabyte GA-7N400-L, nforce2 ultra mobo, my hdd seagate 80gb 7200rpm

ok just one last thing to check that i can think of (setup wise)
I assume its Windows XP your running
GOTO My Computer right click and click on properties
then click on the hardware tab and then device manager
Find your IDE Controller in the list and the channel your burner is connected to
Right click on it and then properties, under the (transfer mode option) make sure DMA is selected and not PIO mode.

Try -R discs with other brands. Unless 2500A produce bad burns for every brands of media, I don’t think your 2500A is particularly bad. It’s likely to be the same old “reading issue”. Did you burn your G04 at 4x? Even if you have a bad batch, 4x burning is likely to be fine.

I have some old DVD-R that my 2500A can’t read back. (I didn’t have 2500A then, so I didn’t know the readback problem.) I decide not to care. They reads fine at other drives. But of course… it’s your decision whether to throw away those discs. :slight_smile:


my secondary channel Current Transfer Mode: Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra 33

Please let me know if this is correct

and yes i burnt at 4x with these ridisc g04

Fine. DMA 2 is right.

BTW, I believe herrie firmware use G05 strategy for G04 media. It’s worth trying. And the 2510 firmware recently announced may be a help. People reported their G04 burn became better with it.

im gonna call NEC tommorw - cant deal with this cap to be honest… and if no solution gonna RMA it

Why shud we have to through all this when the damn thing is new and everything… I bet if i purchased a Liteon or sommat… it would have been hassle free… :iagree:

one other thing…

if i flash the firmware, can i flash it back to the stock 2.15 so that my warranty will remain intact when i return it?

as i would like to see if teh drive can read the dvd-r discs with another firmware… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

no, if your returning it, leave the firmware as is.

There isn’t a brand of anything out there that is hassle free. Some are better quality than others, but all brands can have problems. I have been servicing computer equipment for almost 40 years, and I have seen the best and the worst of almost every type of computer gear, large systems and small and sometimes even the best has problems. Thank goodness or I wouldn’t have had a job doing this for so long.
I own both a Plextor 708A purchased last Sept. and a NEC 2510a which I bought a couple of weeks ago. Both work great and my NEC reads and writes everything I have thrown at it just like my Plextor 708A does, except it cost me less than 1/3 the price that my Plextor did and writes to DL discs. You may just have a bad drive and that can happen with any brand. To bad you don’t have another computer to try it in.

I see you’re using an Nforce motherboard.
Make sure that you are NOT using the Nvidia IDE drivers.
They’ve been known to cause issues with all dvd burners!
Use the default Microsoft IDE drivers instead.