Please Help! _NEC DVD _RW ND-3540A



My dvd drive has worked no problem for a couple of months.
Then i had to reformat my pc.
Now it will not read CD’s or DVD’s let alone burn them.
The computer says everything is fine and that there are no updates for the drivers, so what is wrong? any ideas? Please help i’m really stuck. :sad: :confused:



Did you try update your ide or 4-in-1 drivers?


I dont think so? How do i do this?


The latest 4-in-1 or chipset drivers should be available form your PC or motherboard manufacturer’s website. If you go into device manager, expand ide ata/atapi controllers. The secondary ide channel is where your DVD burner is usually located usless you have SATA hard drive. Right click on it and hit properties. One the driver tab, hit update driver and let Windows update do its thing.


Says there are no updates and its up to date.


Got another box you can throw it in? If it does the same, maybe it has died. If it works got issues with your PC. Might want to try different cable. Just throwing out ideas. How about a firmware update.