Please forgive my noobiness, but i need some help

hi guys, i just want to say that i been reading these forums LOT in the pass few days, but im overwhelmed. i had no idea that media had different codes and that there are media scan test and all that stuff.

ok so just a little recap; i been burning dvd’s for about 6 months now, using an NEC 1300, and usually cheap media at bestbuy, mostly 100pk spindles of memorex dvd-r/+r that is on sale 100 for 30 dollars.

i do have problems sometimes playing the dvd in a stand alone player, not mine but if i let a friends borrow it, sometimes it only plays half way, then freezes.

question #1 is this problem related to the media? just bad media or is it the software i use?

i use dvdshrink the old school beta version, and nero or copy2dvd to burn.

question #2. is that the best way to rip and burn movies? are other program better at compressing movies, giving me a better picture quality?

question #3 i hear alot about Taiyo Yudens sp?, so this is a type of disc that is made in japan? Taido Yudens can be under different brand names?
without opening a package, how do you know if its taiyo yuden?

im very SORRY if these are dumb questions. i honestly thought that if the disc is burned, than the disc is fine, but i guess thats not always the case.


oh im sorry, i forgot to add,

this past christmas i bought my dad a nec 3550 DL burner. he bought a small pack of memorex DL+R, in dvdinfo it says its a Ritek D01.

he backed up a movies, and it burned and verified, but during playback, the disk seems to freeze/get pixelated during the layer change, but after a few seconds it continues to play…is this normal?

im should be getting a benq 1655 this week, and i was wondering if the problem with the freezing/pixelating was NEC related? thx again

1st…welcome to the forums…:slight_smile:

1)question #1 is this problem related to the media? just bad media or is it the software i use?
A) maybe, mabe not…sorry, but more complicated. What may play perfect on you set top, may not play on your other set top, let alone your friends. set top players can be picky regardles of how well you burn them. Some play +r great, some crap on them. Others play -r great, some choke -r also. some crap on either if it’s simply burned media, and some like burned media by manufacturer, and not others…:slight_smile: It’s a long learning curve that one best results. You best approach is burning what plays on the set tops you play one, and learning the tweaks to make that happen your harware…:slight_smile:

question #2. is that the best way to rip and burn movies? are other program better at compressing movies, giving me a better picture quality?
A) I like dvdshrink myself, and dvddecrypter even though it’s an older program. many like Anydvd and dvdshrink. you’ll need to experiment for your best results, but plenty of help here once you’ve tried any particular application. Dvdshrink is free, no risk in trying the freebies 1st…:slight_smile:

question #3 i hear alot about Taiyo Yudens sp?, so this is a type of disc that is made in japan? Taido Yudens can be under different brand names?
without opening a package, how do you know if its taiyo yuden?
A) The blank media forum and bargain basement forums are great places to read up where to spot branded media as TY’s or suspect media. For example, Fuji film, with made in jaban by the upc code, are usually TY’s, branded as Fuji…etc…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps…:slight_smile:

Ritek does not have the best name here, sadly it used to be talked up here. Also, when it comes to DL media, the way you burn it matters alot as the layer break is important. There are tutorials here just for burning / backing up to dual layer, none I have seen claim Nero is really good at this. Don’t know if you use nero or not, it’s a great burning appin the ver6 family, 7 has reported issues…neither seem to hand DL very well for backing up movies near as i read…:slight_smile:

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I wish to add that ritek dual layer media are bad media. Most of users here in the forum obtained bad results with these media.

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I don’t think it is NEC related, so much as a media question. Anything Ritek in DVD media can be questionable at best. I mistakenly used RitekG05 before and some of them would come out pixelated to varying degrees. I used better media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and no more problem. Also, DL media does generally have trouble close to the layer break, as the jitter and PIE/PIF error values will increase substantially in nearly all Disc Quality scans I’ve seen with CD-DVD Speed or Plextools. Basically, you can good good quality Single Layer (SL) media with decent compression software to compress a 6.8-8.4 gb movie to ~ 4.3 gb to fit on one SL DVD. I use CopytoDVD from VSO and it is an excellent burning/data backup program. I use 1clickdvdcopy for compression, and Slysoft’s AnyDVD for decoding. I use AnyDVD to run in the background to make the DVD appear “unprotected” and 1clickdvdcopy to compress.

Just remember the brand name you might buy doesn’t mean that brand made it (Memorex coming up as Ritek D01, for example). If you find them on sale, the Sony DVD+R 8x Made in Japan (MIJ) are actually mid yuden000t02-00. Those are great when on sale at Staples. Also, (but more rare), you might find Fuji DVD+R/-R 8x MIJ in 25 or 50-pk spindles, but only get them if they say “Made in Japan” on the side label. Staples has had the Fuji 30-pk. MIJ colored DVD+R/-R MIJ as well, but that is mixed in with “made in Taiwan” (MIT), so read the labels carefully. The +R will again be yuden000t02-00, and the -R tyg02. If you can’t find any of those at Staples, or the Fuji regular silver top DVD+R 8x MIJ at Best Buy, you can order from, and get the OEM TY DVD-R (tyg02) 100 pk for ~31.99, plus s/h. Rima is a great online dealer, any many only trust Rima to give them the best OEM TY, with the best quality and consistency.

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Both the NEC and BenQ are fine drives from what I’ve read as burners, both have different tweaks, but think you can booktype +r media either drive (read up on bitsetting here). Bitsetting or booktyping, if your drive supports it, sets +r media to DVD-Rom as part of the burn. This tricks many set top players into thinking it’s not burned media and results in better playback on alot of picky set tops…:slight_smile: In general, with decent media, you should be able to make playable backups with either that look good and last…:slight_smile:

For reasons i eally don’t understand, but my set top samsung should prefer -r burns, and only truly likes +r for spotless playback.

Like I said…it’s a learning curve.

first, i would like to thanks you guys for taking the time to help me out. i really do appreciate it.

i jsut never knew how complicated it could be.

i got this from another thread posted on cdfreaks

"Taiyo Yudens, on the other hand, can be found in brick & mortar establishments on Sony and Fuji branded media that has “Made In Japan” above the barcode on the +R formats.?

so if it says MIJ, but it is NOT sony or fuji, than its not TY media? once again im very sorry, i dont know why im having such a hard time understanding all of this.

i have just changed the booktypes ti dvd-rom, so hopefully it helps. once again, i would like to say THANKS to all of you.

zigzag hahaha nice name man.

im sorry i think im blind…i cant seem to find the guides/tutorial section, i know i’ve already asked for too much, but is there a way you can point me in the right direction? or are the guides in certain sections, for example " benQ 1655 guide would be in the BenQ forum?

i been in the benq forum and read that most like to backup to ISO, is having an ISO file, better than an audio/videots folder? im not sure if that makes sense or not, or if im wording the question correctly.

i usually backup dvds and end up having 2 folders video & audio, but never an iso.

To answer to your first question, also verbatim sell some MIJ media, and these are genuine Taiyo. Also Plextor branded media are MIJ, and again genuine Taiyo.

For your second question, if I understand correctly, you don’t know how to create an IDO file. This is very simple. If you use dvd Shrink to do your backups, the only thing you need is to change output settings. See the image below: if you select hard disc folder, you need to put all files on a VIDEO_TS folder.

If you select ISO file, the only thing necessary to do is to burn the iso, and all necessary folders (aka audio_ts and video_ts) will be automatically created in burned disc.

Hope this can help, and sorry if I misunderstood your question :slight_smile:

THX geno, you answered my question perfectly.

ok one last question, then i’ll leave you guys alone,

i notied that there are many types of TY media, like 01, 02, 03 and so forth.
is there a way to only get the good TY media? i want to order a bunch online, but i dont wanna get stuck with 200 TY “crappy” media.

Don’t worry to ask, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

This forum is great because many people exchange their experiences

These differences on TY numbers are related to certified speed of discs. TYG02, for example, are 8x media. TYG03 are 16x media. And so on.

Be aware that there are many fake taiyo. You can find more informations on this thread

wow that is a great link GENO, thanks for your time.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, i bought a dw1655 to duplicate a DVD movie we’re making about a great ski trip we had. The DVD itself should’nt have any copy protection scheme. But anyway, what’s the more compatible type of recordable DVD that is prefered for setup DVD(?) player, you know, those hocked up on a tv. I’ve read about bitsettings and bookeeping mentionned up in the theard. But i’m still a bit confused about this issue. I’ll probably buy fuji DVD, but i don’t know what i should pick between -R and +R.

Thanx in advance!

Search on for info about you dvd standalone…

poir im not 100% sure but i think most here prefer +R, then they change the booktype to dvd-rom.

as for the media itself, i think most prefer verbatim or TY.