Please explain me about the SD2.9

I have SM332B with no sheep

1>I got an image file on my hard drive and i can perfectly burn the SD2.9 protected game with Alcohol120% (safedisc2 datatype) but when i install the game and try to play the game says “plz insert the correct cd”
1.1>Can 2sheep burner burn them and play with no “plz insert cd” problem?
1.2>Is there anyway to play it without burning with 2sheep burner
2>When i tried to image the SD2.9 Protected Cd with Alcohol120% it game me a lot of “Disc read error” and take very very long time to finish
2.1>The disc i’ve tried to image is burned by no sheep burner too

Thank you for all answers :wink:

i think that this thread covers your questions regarding SD2.9 and other versions.