Please excuse the English intrusion

Do any of y’all (Yes, we US southerners really say that), know of a good Dutch language course on CD-ROM in English? I have a German language course but am more interested in learning Dutch. I can currently speak two words and count to five and would like to expand on that. :eek:

Again, I apologize for corrupting the Dutch board with English, but I will close with a Dutch word… :rolleyes:


Dang <> tags don’t work! lol

Since many of our Dutch people visit this part of the forum as well, I moved it to here. English in the English forums and Dutch only in the Dutch forums please.

Don’t worry about Tax :wink: Unfortunately I can’t help you with a Dutch language course, but is there not a website where you can learn it for free ? (Free/Cheap = Dutch :stuck_out_tongue: )

There’s only a few words you should remember:

-Bier (Beer)
-Sex (Sex)
-Hoeveel (How much)

You see :smiley: Dutch is easy! :wink:

Heheh but to get back on-topic, here’s a link to get you started:

I knew about the E in E and D in D rule hence the apology. I didn’t think it was that big a deal to make a short post. I won’t do it again, but when my Dutch makes you tell me to go to the kindergarten forum for Dutch I hope you are nice. :eek: I know being a mod isn’t easy and the mod’s hard work to keep the forums clean and on topic are very much appreciated.


I couldn’t find any language sites that were free and worth a darn until G@M3FR3@K came through for me.

Very big


You have come through for me bigtime. I also appreciate your postings the newbie area. You must have the patience of a Saint with all the redundancy that goes on there.