Please enter Many very important مهم جداً

I am an Arab Please :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am weak In language English

program If the chat banned Entry From New :o :o :o
:confused: :confused:

Interest Please Please Please
I am Arabc

ummm… have you tried babelfish?

Arabic is not one of the languages Babelfish translates. I only know Arabic is read from right to left and that punctuation appears backwards, so arabc was asking some kind of question, as evidenced by what appears to be the backwards question mark.

You might try here

Wow! great find, Dee! I had been looking for a place, but I suppose I wasn’t using the right search or I just missed it. :eek:

Added: that Arabic (assuming it is, as if it’s Farsi (Persian), there would be some difference) came out as “extemely important.” :iagree:

شكراً على ردكم لي اريد ان أكون صديق لكم في المنتدى وأتمنى ان تقبلوني صديق لكم
Thanks on reply to me was wanted a friend to you in the forum and wish a friend accepted to you .

أنا لا اعلم ماذا هذا المنتدى لكن اريد أن ترشدوني إلى منتدى برامج الكمبيوتر او منتدى
No I informed what this forum but was wanted a computer programs forum or a forum direct.

welcome you are