Please enlighten the clueless?

OK, so I’ve been reading news and reviews at cdfreaks for a long while now,
and decided to get myself a dvd writer for christmas.

I read the reviews ar cdrinfo, cdrlabs, and here, and decided to get a nec 3500A
based on what I read. And at newegg there was a special on ritek dvd +r media,
which also seemed good based on the review at cdrlabs.

But since members at this site seem pretty with it to me, I decided to search the
forums here before buying and quickly realized that there seems to be a generally
low opinion of both of these products here.

Did I read the wrong reviews? Did I misinterperate the graphs?

The NEC 3500A is overall a very good general purpose burner. If you want to specialise in burning a very narrow assortment of discs, there may be a better choice. If you are doing only DVD+R, then also consider the BENQ 1620.

No matter what burner you choose, there will always be people who hate it, tell you it’s terrible, you should get some other ‘better’ burner etc.

Ritek DVDR media is pretty good. There are better and more expensive types of media, but Ritek is still a good choice.

I’ve had two NEC burners. Liked them both. They aren’t particularly good readers, but they both made discs that played in my DVD players, which in the end is all that matters.

Thanks, guys. I feel somewhat more enlightened now!

Hey incog…
Not sure what your reading especially on this forum. But the 3500 is pretty well liked by a fair amount of people. Myself included. But Jucius hit it on the money in saying that someone will always have a bitch about one thing or another. A lot of it is opinion. I think it comes down to what ever works for you. I burn 99% +R’s and they work fine for me. Have had very few problems with the quality disks in playing in my stand alones. Now Big Mike7 is just the opposite. He uses mainly -R’s and has had the same results as me for his needs. So just play around with it, find out what media works best for your application and burn on. I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed with the 3500 over all. Have you tried L & D’s FW? Makes a hell of a difference with speeds in a lot of medias.


haven’t made a purchase yet. I occasionally use dvd-ram at work, and bought a samsung 52x cd writer last year that reads dvd-rams nicely and just rocks in terms of burning cds.
There’s an old panasonic drive that I can bring home if I need to write (slowly) to dvd-ram, but I was considering getting the new LG drive instead of the nec.
As an aside, while some of these drives are a little more than others, I’m astonished at how cheap they’ve all become.