Please email me BWA for RCT2

I have been having troubles w/ this game. I get different bwa’s each time with each reader. I tried Alcohol also and converted to BWA and that didn’t work either. I also used TwinPeaks & CCD and got interesting results. When I use TwinPeaks/CCD I get a copy that will install but not play. When I use BlindWrite I get a copy that won’t install (bad install .pdf file) but it will play. So basically I need 2 cd’s for this game. :smiley:

LiteOn 48x
Toshiba 1502 dvd

I would like to try a different BWA file from a known good file.

anyone? thanks

You can download one from this thread.

yeah thanks. Future emailed one to me a while back. it wasn’t in that thread before, when I needed it. Future’s worked BTW. thanks again Future!

Nice to know my bwa file worked for you (that’s where FP got it from ;), he just didn’t post it for a while).

thank you as well phil. :wink: