Please educate me in 25 words or less (or more)



I saw the article about DVD2AVI and wonder what is the reason/advantage of converting this way?



because some people like to store their dvds as AVI files on their computer. They take up a lot less space, but you also lose a lot of quality that you can’t get back.

unless your computer is your main television, I’d say it’s a pretty useless conversion step (although I’m sure someone will post back saying that they use it all the time and for a very good reason that I haven’t thought of)

AVI is also popular for p2p sharing, but we all know that sharing commercial dvds is illegal so that certainly doesn’t constitute a “good reason” for converting from dvd to avi.


Agree with Reasonsnotrules 100% Converted quality will be poor compared to originals but, that said, it is becoming a storage medium of choice for those that have invested in new-fangled PC-home theatre-media center units. By the way, how’s things on Talos these days…seen any Gorn recently? Watch out for that sulphur and carbon…makes gunpowder! That’s what Cpt. Kirk reckons.
Only jokin’ It’s 4.42am here and I’m still on line…something has to amuse me to sleep!


And of advantage for the mobile world of people like using avis on memory cards for different devices.


If you actually own the content, it’s handy for streaming the content over the web also…:slight_smile:


I use it to put all my DVD’s onto the HDD in my DVD/DivX player. Saves me having to find the disc if I want to watch a DVD.

I also own an Archos AV700 so they can be copied onto that as well to watch on the move.

The quality can be as good as DVD but for that you have to forgo the one main advantage, the file size.