Please could someone send Seán a Leprechaun & Shamrocks for his birthday today



:flower: :flower: only know its his birthday cos my 22yearold son`s on the 16 and name is spelt Shaun :slight_smile:

sorry Sean dont know how to put the dot on top of the a.
Have a great Day,or whats left of it :bigsmile:


Well spotted Diane :bow:

Happy Birthday Seán

Oooh, forgot the important part: have lots of cake and booze :iagree:


Yep. Happy birthday Sean


Happy Birthday Sean


Have a dragontastic 25th birthday, Seán! :flower:




Happy Birthday Seán!!!


Happy Birthday Seán :slight_smile:

No Leprechaun in Italy, but I sent you a flask of grappa for a good booze :stuck_out_tongue:


Enjoy your birthday Seán.


Thanks all for the greetings.

Had plenty of cake and an enjoyable evening. No booze, but a nice glass of red wine this year. :slight_smile: I really like that green dragon, only wish I could light the candles that quick! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, don’t worry about that :slight_smile: There are two methods, which work depending on the keyboard:

Irish keyboards: Press ‘ALT Gr’ + ‘a’ to get ‘á’ (works on some other language keyboards also)

Other keyboards: Turn on Num Lock (if not already on), press and hold down the left ‘ALT’, key in ‘160’ on the numeric keypad and release the ‘ALT’ key. This will not work with Num Lock off, using the numeric keys above the letters or if the ALT key is released between keying in the digits. :wink:


Thanks Seán this one works for me :flower:

Beats copying and pasting from MS word :bigsmile:


Glad you had a Happy Birthday and many more. Thanks for the tip for your “á” in your name Seán.


[B]Happy Birthday[B] Seán[/B][/B]



Yo Sean-

Happiest of birthdays bra-eh!!


Happy Birthday Seán :cool:

Where’s last years thread? or do we owe you 2 Happy Birthdays since we missed last years :bigsmile:


Happy Birthday Séan :clap:
May you have all you want during all your life


Happy Birthday, Seán! :flower:


Happy [B]Beer[/B]day Seán :bigsmile:


Have a nice birthday