Please consider encouraging people to support net neutrality


Please consider implementing a widget to encourage American people to contact their congressional representatives to support net neutrality.

As you may already know, the FCC decided to ignore the will of the American people, and kill Title II net neutrality protections. However, this decision is not final. Congress can still step in and overrule the FCC’s decision with a Congressional Review Act (CRA).

In the senate, we are frustratingly close to passing a CRA. We literally need one more vote to pass a CRA. Although there are a number of senators that don’t care what their constituents want, if enough people put enough pressure on enough senators, surely one of them will bend.

Demand Progress has a google docs page, which contains (among other things) some banners that website devs can add to their pages. For the good of websites like MyCE, the MyCE community, and the entire internet, we need to do whatever we can to protect net neutrality.

Thank you for your your time.


Or DON’T encourage people to support net neutrality.

TSJnachos117, it’s amazing that YOU know the will of the American people. Net Neutrality is anything but neutral. Nothing is made better by the U.S. Government controlling it.

Maybe Myce could stay out of politics. Can we agree on that?


I never said I know the will of the American people. That said, if I felt sure net neutrality was already the will if most/all Americans, I wouldn’t bother asking MyCE to do this. My hope is that people will be persuaded into contacting their law makers, something they otherwise might not do.

It’s true that government regulations aren’t always great, but they’re not always terrible either. That said, ISPs cannot be trusted to maintain net neutrality on their own, as they’ve worked too hard to undermine it. If you know of any other way to force them to preserve net neutrality, I’m open to suggestions. (No, we can’t depend on the “free market”. As I’ve said, the ISPs have already worked too hard on undermining net neutrality. On top of which, the big providers have also driven their smaller competitors out, giving them near-monopolies in many areas.)

As for keeping MyCE of politics, this issue could directly impact MyCE. What would start out as a slow lane could easily turn into websites being disconnected on the ISP’s whims. So, if MyCE does something these corporations don’t like (like refusing to pay some ridiculous fee), it could be taken offline indefinitely.


[quote=“TSJnachos117, post:3, topic:401336, full:true”]
ISPs have already worked too hard on undermining net neutrality.[/quote]
Examples please.

In the short time that we have HAD so-called-neutrality, we’ve had companies forced to rescind deals GOOD FOR CUSTOMERS because it wasn’t neutral.

I’m specifically referring to companies that offered no data caps or data charges for using their own streaming service or the most used internet services. How is that bad?

Google ‘why net neutrality is bad’ and read some articles. You might just change your mind.


It is amazing that there are still people who don’t get what net neutrality actually is and are against it. Anyone who thinks net neutrality is bad is just fucking stupid. Giving up net neutrality means nothing else, but that ISPs will charge twice for the same thing, a simple rip off.


Sorry gentlemen, but political topics, even those concerning technical issues, are not tolerated at MyCE.

I am, therefore, closing this thread.

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