Please confirm my stupidity

I had a pretty large video collection that I had made over the years (with Mac the Ripper) and had saved to an old external drive. I recently bought a new smaller drive with twice the capacity and naively just copied over the Audio_ts and Video_ts files from one drive to the other. All the file sizes were the same and I assumed all was well and threw away the old drive. Well now on my new drive, although the files are there and the correct size, neither VLC nor other players can read them and looking at them with VoBedit, it look as if they are all zeroes. Did I majorly screw up by thinking I could do simple copies of Video_ts files from one drive to another. They did have CSS on them that the ripper removed. Will I have to rerip all of them again? Thanks in advance.

Simply copying the files should have worked fine. Once you have the VIDEO_TS folder ripped (and deCSS’d) to your HDD then you should be able to treat them just like any other files/folders.

Sounds to me like there is some other problem here; have you copied any files successfully to the new drive?

If all the .VOB files are filled with zeroes, then it sounds to me as though the file allocation table entries (holds the file name, size, date etc.) were created successfully for the files, but the actual contents of the files failed to copy across.



I would try to copy one of them back to computer hard drive and try to play it from there.
If that works , than problem is with communication between your eternal drive and computer.
I noticed some of these smaller drives have their own software installed which take care of formatting.