Please Clarify Writing a Double Sided any layer(single/dual) DVD



Hi All

The DVD has the following formats
1.> Single Sided , Single Layer <4.7GB> call it SSSL
2.> Single Sided , Dual Layer <8.5GB> call it SSDL
3.> Double Sided , Single Layer <9.4GB> call it DSSL
4.> Double Sided , Dual Layer <17GB> call it DSDL

“Is it so”
that if a DVD-Writer has support for SSSL then it might be possible that
it also has support for DSSL because both are on different sides
4.7GB on one side and other 4.7GB on other side total 4.7+4.7=9.4GB

Similarly if a DVD-Writer has support for SSDL then it might be possible that
it also has support for DSDL because both are on different sides
8.5GB on one side and other 8.5GB on other side total 8.5+8.5=17GB

According to me a DVD has a adhesive layer between the 2 sides
each layer is 0.6mm thick the adhesive layer in middle which has
aluminium reflectors.

Since most of the DVD writers use a “tray mechanism” only one side of DVD
might be accessible at a time as between the 2 layers there is a Adhesive layer

The Upcoming Li-Teon DVD writer has support for SSDL will it be able to
write on both sides of the DVD i.e will i be able write on all types of dvds
and t oa full max of 17GB

Can normal DVD writers which have support for SSSL also have support for DSSL

Please note these are my assumptions i am not sure they might be true please someone clarify



Hi and be welcome!

Actually, it’s quite easy. These DSSL discs are nothing more than two discs physically glued on top of each other (on a thinner disk btw). Every DVD recorder should be able to handle this type of disc. They have their drawbacks though (price, datasafety etc).

SSDL and DSDL discs are special discs with two different layers per side. Once one layer is finished burning, the beam of the laser will change (and some more things, but I don’t think that has to be mentioned here ;)) and the data will be written on the second layer of that side.

Some graphical presentations:

- single writable layer
= dual writable layer
v void (plastics etc)





I hope this clarifies it a little! If not, feel free to ask!


Any SSL burner can burn on a DSL disc, so if you got a double layer DVD-writer (which are just arriving) you can burn a DSDL disc (if they would be available).

But the main problem is (I think) when you want to burn a movie of 16Gb how the software deals with it, sothat you can burn it on and play it from the DDSL-disc.

Hope you understand what I mean.


double sided dvds are (for all practical purposes) two dvds glued back to back to each other. you use them like single sided discs, and you just flip them over when you want to use the other side.