Please check/advise on my new mid-range quiet system:

Hi. I’m soon going to build a PC with the aim of it being as quiet as possible. Speed is not the biggest issue - I probably wouldn’t want to spend the extra for going from a 3000+ to a 3500+, becuase in terms of % boost, I don’t think its worth the money.

At the moment I am looking at the following. Please could you advise on any weak components. I’m aware the graphics card is quite slow but I don’t game that much.

At a later stage I will probably buy a second hard drive so its worth having the “ultra” motherboard, I think. I would get 2x200gb but you can’t get spinpoints in 200gb…

Venice 3000+ with an Arctic Freezer 64 for CPU and Cooling
Abit AN8 Ultra nForce4 Ultra (no fan)
SLK3000B case with 2 x120mm fans and good value
Acoustipack for the above (what size do I need?)
Gigabyte 6600 with passive cooling
Enermax Noisetaker 485w
160gb Samsung Spinpoint
1gb ram (2x512mb)

Also I have a question:

I read a review about the Arctic Freezer which said it’s best running at a lower voltage in terms of the volume/temp trade off (e.g. 5v) How does one go about adjusting the voltage so that its a bit quieter?

Thanks for any help,


Change your motherboard to the Epox 9NPA+ or DFI LANParty UT nF4 Ultra-D (preferrably).

Everything else is excellent.
I don’t have an answer to your last question, but I’m sure someone else will.

Hi Robin,

Running the cooler on a lower voltage isn’t that hard. There are several ways to do it.
First, there’s the option of the 7V mod. What you do is connect the plus of the fan to a 12V line, and the ground not to a 0V line, but to a 5V line. As 12-5 = 7, your fan will be running at 7V and be pretty quiet. If you don’t want to mess with cables, you can get a special cable that does it for you (shouldn’t cost more than $3).

Then there’s another option: you can buy a fan controller. There are a gazillion different types out there. A very simple one is the Zalman Fanmate. Most brands that sell cooling system also sell devices that can adjust fans rotation speeds (these things are often called climate controllers, fan controllers, fan busses etc). They are more expensive than the other solutions though and only really interesting if you want to control more than one fan. Have a look at the website of the store where you’re buying at, I’m pretty sure they offer some of these systems!

thanks a lot for the help guys. I found the special cable to reduce to 7v on the net. I’m gonna get everything going first, and then have a play with the voltages. If I can avoid a fan controller I’d like to, and from what you said, it looks reasonably easy.

Thanks for the motherboard info, I’m just reading that review now :slight_smile: