Please change user name

Could you please change my user name from moe to mosley?

As you can see, fixed now.
Remember that your loginname has changed accordingly.

is there any chance i could get mine changed from Acko to Ako? i know when i first regesterd it was taken, just curious maybe this person does not use there account or been banned or something.

i chouse Acko as thats how its pronounced and how some people spell it, but i hate it spelled that way, as i`ve been known as Ako since primary school.

thanks Ako <Thats “Ako”, he has never posted once.

I agree 100% that “Ako” should be deleted and “acko” should be able to become “ako”.

Ben :slight_smile:

\\Of topic////

When I saw you had posted in here I thort: OMG is Ben asking to change his legendary CDFs name :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:


\\Of topic////

I was going to change it to “bcn246” without the _, but I thought it would cause too much confusion.

thanks for the support Ben, the odd thing is i regesterd before “Ako” but i couldn`t have “Ako” when i regesterd and it was defenetly my first choice :confused:

Thats what I wondered too, he registered months after you.

Don’t get your hopes up, they wouldn’t let me have Chris even though he never posted.

Who put you in the position to tell what should and what shouldn’t be on this forum? :confused:

Last activity of Ako is in August 2004.
If this user still hasn’t logged in by 12 February 2005 (6 months), I may consider removing him and give Acko the username Ako…

thanks Taxman that seems fair to me.

Nobody, I wasnt saying, I was agreeing with acko that it seemed fair.

Ben :slight_smile:

that was tax’s polite way of saying ‘back the fuck up off of my administrative grill, dawg’.

I wasnt trying to play admin, I was just supporting acko :frowning:

No I wasn’t.

As I explained ben in the chat, ‘should’ comes, to me anyway, across as ‘must’. This contrary to ‘would’.

Ben’s still cool in my book…

We sorted it out, I just poorly phrased what I meant, so it appeared a command, not a suggestion. :slight_smile:

today is the 13th is it a lucky day for me :wink:



Could you please change my name from osiris_strife to Osiris_Strife?

Done! (as you can see)