Please can some one help me

I just bought a second hand dual ide 1004 cd dvd burner but i did not get
a manual on how to connect it so i just took out the old cd rom replaced
it with the dual and put the leads that were in the back in the same sockets
I have tried to burn a dvd onto a rewritable disc using nero trial version
but to no avail can someone please help me.because i do not know whether or not this dvd/ cd writer is working there a website where i can download instructions for installation of this product.
plus i only have trail versions of video editing software at present on my
windows 2000 pro.I am a film maker,script writer,musician I am good with guitars and directing film shots but computers i admit i am still a novice
thanks a lot

Wow, nice.

First, we should find out if the drive is already working. You have connected and jumpered it correctly?
What Nero version have you got? You should try to use Nero at least. Choose the burner as the target and then check out the properties of the burner in Nero.

What media have you got and tried with?

try reading a bit on this site over here