Please can anyone give me the firmware?

Hi everyone,i m new here.
i am using GENERIC DVD RW 16xMAx burner.
The device is not burning DVds for me.I hav wasted a lot of dvds and got nothing yet. I have come to know that firmware upgrade will fix my problem.
plz can anyone give me or point me to the site containing the firm ware for GENERIC DVD RW 16xMAX?? i’ll be obliged to all of u.
thanks a lot

my current firmware version is 230I

Download Nero CD-DVD Speed. Start the program and tell us what it lists for the drive model.

Generic Dvd Rw 16xmax 230i

I do not know of any firmware for such a drive.
Redo the test in Nero save the result and paste the result here, otherwise we may be unable to help you.
Also please tell us what software you are using to burn the discs and whether they are data or movies you are trying to burn.

You might need to physically remove the burner & read of any attached label to get more details as to precisely what make it is.


That sounds like Optorite :rolleyes:
No hope for newer firmware as they have quit business.


You are correct mciahel it is definitely an Optorite

OptoRite DD1603 at 2.4x using firmware 230i.

This info is wrong.
Better buy a new burner for 30 bucks.

Good advice chef