Please bring back VOB as a top-level profile

In DVDFab 4, you could customize the mobile options to add a direct “vob” profile. This was very useful when ripping TV show DVD’s, as I could select the VOB profile, tick off each title and go.

With DVDFab 5, the vob profile is now a non-default option under the “generic” profile. This makes it very difficult to use as I must select each title individually, select to change the conversion settings, and set the type to vob passthrough. This process must be repeated for each title (typically 4-8 titles per disc). As you can imagine, this gets frustrating quite quickly.

Please bring back VOB as a top-level profile, or at least allow to batch change the queue settings to VOB.

You can still do this. Go to CustomizeUI->DVD to Mobile, click the NEW button, select VOB Passthrough, click OK, highlight VOB in the left hand (“available”) window and use the >> button to move it to the right window. Position it up or down as desired and click OK. Should look something like this:

Ahh, that’s exactly what I wanted! Thank you very much!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Hope it works. I gave you the condensed version of the procedure. There is a fuller one in the Tutorial with screen captures etc. if you should need it. (It installs “AppleTV” as a device but the steps are the same.)