Please, be kind



Could somebody be kind enough to send me Xflash-X to the following E-mail:
**** [sensored] seems to be out since a few days and I don’t know where to find it.

Sorry for the title, but it is extremly urgent!

Thanks guys.


Its in my tools section of my site. Have also sent it to your e-mail.


Just got it!!!

Thank you so much!!


too ls >>
FW >>


Don’t post your email in the main forum either.
You are just asking for spam to fill your email.


Don’t forget most of our files (tools/firmware) and all of the latest releases, are now on this site:

email address removed


C0deKing, are you going to use this site permanently now instead of rpc1?


Yeah … what about rpc1?

#9 will be back… soon, I hope…


Like you??? :stuck_out_tongue:


No, definitely not. It’s just temporary and should be back to normal soon, I hope…


No big deal!!! this Email is meant for :wink: but thinks for erasing it.