Please any one can help me

Dear Friends,

Please any one can help me about DivX movie files burning…
i have dvd writer in my system(PC)… recently i buy the LG DivX supports the DVD player, but i have the DVD nero burnner… i wrote the DVD movie
files… i can’t write DivX movie files(avi)… please help me.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Probably you selected the wrong disc type. Try this method:

[li]Run nero
[/li][li]Select the media type you want to burn ([B]CD[/B] or [B]DVD[/B])
[/li][li]Select [B]Data[/B] disc (see pic)
[/li][li]Select all files you want to burn on the disc (watch on the bottom line to be sure that you are not inserting too much files on the disc)
[/li][li]Press the burn button
This should work

Another important thing: use quality media or there is the possibility that the burning can’t be completed at all. Be also sure to select the right burning speed.

For 16x media, it is better to burning @12x or @8x.

If you still have problems, post here more details :slight_smile:

Just to add to geno888’s post, if you have files that are 1 GB or larger you will need to choose “DVD-ROM (UDF)”