Please advise! NEC, Pio or Plex



For two days now I am reading trough all the threads but now I am even more confused… Please help me to get a really good burner!!!

Writing speed is not important at all, just as CD writing quality.

DVD ±R writing quality is the most important (at cheaper media also, ritek 02-03-05) and the reading of DVD ±R media (to be able to read as much disc as possible).

Where I live, I only have these 3 options:


NEC an Pio are about the same price while Plextor is double in price (as far as I managed to read trough the posts here it is not worth that much extra money).

Thanx for your help in forward!


NEC is great burner and a bargain. But the Pioneer and Plextor read dual-layer discs faster.


Get NEC 3500 if you can for the half price of Plextor and Pioneer and enjoy great support from NEC forum community.


As I said, only the writing and readin QUALITY is important for me!
And NEC 3520 is what I can get, no 3500.

So it looks like I should go for the NEC 3520?
I don’t mind to give the double price for the plextor if that drive is better! but i have read a review at cdr site and according to that it is not better then NEC.

NEC 2510A is a very bad reader, it is more than picky when reading dvd±r discs. Is 3520 aslo so picky?


as far as reading, the NEC 3520 is ok, about average, i use my LiteOn 451s@832s as my reader most of the time, but the writing quality of both my LiteOn and my NEC 3520 are about the same now. you can look at my replies to posts and see how well/bad they are doing. it’s all up to the firmware also. there’s A LOT of support for firmware for the NEC. i’ll have to admit, it took a few firmwares to go through to get my NEC and my LiteOn to the point and quality they are at now. i would go w/ the NEC 3520 b/c it’s cheap, it’s fast, and it has tons of support. reasons that i bought it: cost effective, bit setting capability, quality, and speed, in that order of priority also.


I tried a Plextor PX716A but traded it in for the NEC 3520A, I get equal or better burns with the NEC than I did with the Plextor, but save money. The Plextor I tried had a problem with reading CD/CDRs in that after a while it slowed the read speed way down to 4x and stuck there, it could rip DVDs fast though. But for half-the-price I switched to the NEC and have no problems and great quality burns. I recommend it.


I’m lovin’ my PX-716a. My NEC 2510 and 1300 before that always served me well. I use a DVD-ROM for reading so read speed on the burner is un-important to me.