Please advise best freeware against malware



Advise best freeware against malware.

I have Win Xp 2003 with its usual security, Avast and Spybot.
Originally used IE but changed to Mozilla when I had problems.

In December used a free scan offered by tech site and it found a number of spyware entries on C drive but my latest Spybot / Avast don’t.

I downloaded Spycatcher Express which caused problems opening personal settings.

Please advise best freeware to prevent and remove malware.



Did you find out how to boot into safe mode?

I can’t really advise on anti-spyware or anti-virus because I’ve never used one. I’m sure someone will post their favorite.


Hey Parpi,

So you got your computer back up and running I see…here are a few links to some good free anti-spyware tools:

Lavasoft Ad-Aware -
Super Anti Spyware -
Spyware Blaster -

All I ever use is Mozilla. Check out some of their add-ons as well. They have script block, flash block and ad-block that can get rid of the annoying ads.


Windows Live One Care, Malwarebytes.



It is always good practice to have one main program, then come back every once in awhile and scan your system with an alternative. There is no one piece of software that will catch everything. This goes for viruses, malware etc…

Have one virus program, have one spyware program.




Malwarebytes “Anti-Malware” is found here: -eh!!


Thanks guys.

Looks like Malewarebytes is favoured.

Platinumsword suggests one for virus and one for spyware,
I suppose a good firewall also, and I would also like to surf anonymously.
Any opinions of FoxyProxy for windows.

Would experts care to list preferences or experiences for above