PLEASE add this 'feature' to DVDFab Decrypter



I’m an occasional user of DVDFab Decrypter so I’m not a paying user, for that reason alone I know my request isn’t exactly a top priority. My request is that there be an option to turn OFF whatever inputs false data in place of unread data. In other words, what I’m looking for is the option for the rip to actually ‘fail’ and end if it encounters a read error that it can’t correct. If nothing else, I would at least like to know when random data has been used in a rip in place of the actual data from a read error.

My gripe, and it was very irritating to have it occur, is this: If DVDFab Decrypter encounters a read error while ripping, I presume it is basically inputing ‘zeros’ or something similar for the unread data. While this is actually a nice feature in the case of a heavily damaged disc in that it at least allows you to get a rip of the disc, I’ve found that it basically has inserted CRAP into a disc I ripped that is in perfect condition, a disc that should have no need whatsoever to have ‘zeros’ or whatever it is doing to fill in for the unread data.

I found this after viewing a ripped disc and noticing a small handful of momentary glitches in the video, I’ll post a capture of one of them below for an example. They aren’t on the original disc, and the original disc is in perfect condition, not a mark on it. It scans fine and the transfer rate is fine, I ripped the disc in the same drive I performed the tests below in. For the program to encounter read errors and input false data with a disc such as this is ridiculous. If the disc was in very poor condition, that would be one thing, but not a disc in this shape.

Regardless of whether I would have had this problem with this disc or not, I would REALLY like to see a simple option to turn OFF the ability of the program to input the false data, just end the rip if nothing else. Or at least notify the user at the end of the rip if any read errors and resulting false data was input for that rip, instead of a simple ‘ripped successfully’ message when it clearly wasn’t. That way I can then decide if I want to pursue other possiblities for ripping the disc rather than finding out the hard way when viewing the ripped content that crap was inserted into the data. I just ripped the disc using DVD Decrypter, no read errors, no SLOWDOWNS in rip speed, no corrupt video like in the capture below.

I consider what happened with my rip to be a serious flaw in the program, problems ripping a perfect disc, inserting false data, and making matters worse by giving the user no hint to the fact that false data was then inserted. Hopefully I didn’t overlook something, but I certainly don’t think I have. Thanks for hearing my complaint and creating an otherwise nice program (well, I hate the fact that it automatically creates a ‘DVD’ folder on startup, but I won’t go there). :bow:


Hi scoobiedoobie,

I’ve owned the full retail platinum package (express and gold) since 01/05. Let me say up front that I’ve never used fab decrypter, but I believe it is simply express-lite, ie., no ability to compress and no burn app. I don’t believe fab inserts anything…I just don’t think it’s configured that way. In my personal experience, when the application encounters a problem, whether it’s a physical defect, failed decrypt, etc., the program simply fails or stalls completely and does not continue to read. I have read where some users have had an incredibly long read times…went to bed and the next morning, it was finally done, but done without errors. I’ve also had the read go forever, so it never completed, but again, nothing was inserted.

I’m not saying the application didn’t fail somehow and I’m sure you’ve ruled out everything obvious, but personally, the only times I’ve ever seen similar glitches were the result either of “bad” media or me experimenting…as in pushing compression…just to see how far I could go.

Hopefully, Fengtao will respond and you can get some actual answers.


Hi scoobiedoobie,

For now, DVDFab Decrypter will try to read 2 times, and if both read fail, it will insert dummy DVD-VIDEO data.

I know it’s not perfect, so I change the way in DVDFab 3. In the next major update, you can set the read retry times, how many sectors to be ignored at once, and the most important, you can be asked when some sectors cannot be read, and you can choose Ignore, Retry, or Abort.

I hope this solution is acceptable, also please be patient to wait DVDFab 3 :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


I was of the understanding that this program was favored by a number of people for exactly the reason I’m having this problem - with discs in bad condition, it will allow a full rip, albeit with some corruption where read errors were encountered. For those people, it’s beats the alternative of no rip at all. I’m assuming SOMETHING rather than actual data has to be entered in its place so that the file size remains correct (even if not, the problem remains the same). That’s what has happened here, except that it has happened with a perfect disc, that’s were the problem lies. That and the fact that matters are made worse by the fact that you are given zero indication that it was not a perfect rip, and so you are given only the impression that it was a perfect rip.

EDIT: fengtao posted at the same time I posted this, confirmed dummy data was added as I thought.


Hi, thanks alot for responding. Yes that would certainly solve the problem as described in DVDFab 3. I just wish that the current version would A) have a simple ‘checkbox’ in the options to end the rip when a read error occurs rather than inserting false data, OR B) at least alert the user after the rip has ended that false data had to be inserted so the user would be aware of this instead of being under the impression that it WAS ripped successfully as the current message suggests.

Do you have any idea why I might have had read issues with a disc in such good condition? If it was in poor condition, I’d understand, but this disc is in great shape as I indicated above in the tests and the fact that there weren’t even so much as speed slowdowns when ripping the same disc with DVD Decrypter.

At this point, with zero indication of false data being entered, I fear even using the program since I won’t know when I’m getting a bad rip. Thanks again for your help. :bow:


I had the same problem,it is not dvd fab,that put those glitches on the disc,it is the laser on your drive that is not writing properly to the blank disc,i wasted over 50 blank cheap disc with the same problem,then i tried the most expensive disc on the market sony,and everything is perfect,the disc is more stable in my lg drive and it writes perfectly,i also had the same problem with glitches on the cheap disc using shrink and dvd decrypter.

I purchase dvd fab platnium and was having the same problem then i switch to the sony dvd -r format disc,and it writes well,very accurate,and very compatible and stable,it also states that on the sony 50 pack spindle.I guess if you want quality disc you have to pay for it,because all blank disc are not the same.


Thanks for your input, but the problems you were having were something entirely different. The ripped data to the HD has the same false data and video glitches before they were ever even burned to disc. Glitches in the video like the screen capture I posted above CAN often look similar to the problems you might see with a poorly burned disc such as you described, so it would not be difficult to confuse the two.

Anyway, thanks again fengtao for your efforts and I appreciate your input and acknowledgement of the problem. Looks like I’ll have to donate with the release of DVDFab 3. :wink:


Dear all,

Please try to see the result, I have added this feature.

Best Regards,


Thanks for your efforts Fengtao. :bow: :bow: :bow: :clap: :bow: :bow: :bow:


I have the trial now will be buying when it’s over. Will I have the updated version?


All purchased fab products come with free upgrades.