Please a cpy-protection util

Does any1 know here a programme that protect a cd from burning? I want to use one.

Yes I do.
But they are not as effective as the profession stuff.

CD-Protect is one.

Use the search to find more information, this has been discussed many many times before…wouldn’t hurt you to put in a little effort of your own.

This should set you on your way a bit (just to show I am not such a bad guy after all):

Omg Tax, you did that for free ??:wink: :bigsmile:

Originally posted by soezepoes
Omg Tax, you did that for free ??:wink: :bigsmile:

He’ll probably send him a bill…
Having read his rates…I’d think twice before posting a question to which the answer can be found easily using the search…

If you were to spend money on those rate you might as well invest in Starforce’s CD-R protection they have avaliable.

Better than those nasty rates Da_Taxman might have in stall :wink: :wink:

Like Da_Taxman said, not anywhere near as effective as the professional stuff - but it is all that exists currently.

Look for CCD-Lock if it is audio CDs you want to protect.

The next person that asks this question without doing any research should be banned on grounds of laziness.