PLDS intros 6x BD reader with DVD writer combo



I just posted the article PLDS intros 6x BD reader with DVD writer combo.

Lite-On has just announced its new 6x internal Blu-ray Disc Combo called iHES206. The iHES206 provides consumers with an all-in-one solution. Users will have the possibility to play high-definition…

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No BDR burning ?? well look at the price lol only plays… NEXT!!!


Agree with Coolios. Not worth it if you can’t burn BD. Also, not sure if BD burning in itself is worth it since BD-Rs are so expensive.


BD-Rs so expensive? How about $6 (check, amazon or ebay)? And if you live in Japan, it’s even less (I read $4?).

$4-6 for 25GB BD-R is not so expensive vs $2 8.5GB DVD DL.


@ blue

I get my 8.5 GB DVD+R DL for less than $1 each at Future Shop or Best Buy.


@Duke: what sort and are they reliable? I don’t think you can get Verb DVD+R DL printable for $1 each I’ve seen crap made in hong kong dual layer with fake ricoh codes for about $1 and of about 30 discs, none work after a few weeks to a couple of months.