PlAyStAtIoN2 RiPpZ

sorry about the catchy subject line,
but i need help!

my daughter has destroyed 6 of my games!!! i need to make
back-up copies of my games, i know that i need a mod-chip, but i am going to go for a boot disk that comes with a really cool flip top cover instead, (URL Below ) scroll to the bottom of the URL and it gives a good discription of the Flip-Top Cover

i have heard too many stories of peoples machines burning up because of overclocking,
i do not know the difference between DVD-R’s and DVD+R’s, nor do i know the different methods that they are used 4.
my DVD burner came with a program to do 1:1 copying, is that acceptable for copying playstation2 games? do i need a program to “crack” it, or would i need a program like Nero, or RecordNow MAX to do somekind of copy? i do know that Ahead Nero has a POO load of options that you have to check or uncheck, that program ALONE confuses the hell out of me!! what would be the easiest or best program to use?
i know that i sound like a blundering idiot, but any hel would be gratly appreciated!!!

Web site with the Flip Top cover and PS2 Boot Disk

Record Now Max has always worked for me using DVD-r.
Record disk to HArd Drive then to DVD-r.

I’ve never had a problem using the flip top cover and boot disk with this method.

Note…to make sure backup will work with DVD boot disk, run the DVD boot disk, then insert original game. If original game works, then a backup will work.

i appreciate the reply, but you did not tell me enough info… do i need to do a simple 1:1 copy? are there any special settings within the program that have to be made?, my goal here is to find out as much as possible so as i do not mess up a butt load of cd’s, or waste a lot of my time, more time wasted screwing with this stuff, is time lost with my daughter.

What make/model dvd burner is it? and what brand dvd-r discs do you intend to use?

I have a flip top and swap magic disc. dvd-r work on most all ps2 versions. Dvd+r only work on some so I go with dvd-r. Nero works for some so it might work for you burning. I use padu discjuggler and it works the best for me so I would recomend it to you. Search the internet for ps2 burnig faq and you should find some that tell you how to burn ps2 using various programs.

I have only done 2 PS2 games so far and they both work.

I used Nero Express and did straight 1:1 copies…and yes they even work on Princos :slight_smile: !!

With Nero just use the copy DVD wizard.

i have a verbatim DVD-R cd and i tried backing up need for speed undergound just incase…and for some reason its not working? i have a modchip installed, it just shows “Playstation 2” then goes black and freezes…I use NERO for my dvd burning somebody please HELP!!!

1 make sure the dvd(you backed uo to dvd-r right?)
2 Try using dvd decrypter. it’s free and a favorite of people who backup ps2 games. search for a tutorial on backing up ps2 with dvd decrypter. O and burn at 1x if you can

has anyone purchased any items from thegiantstore? are they reliable?

i was interested in getting that fliptop thing.

and also, was it easy to install? heh im a bit paranoid about opening up my ps2

anyone anyone at all?

  1. I really strongly do not recommend Nero for PS2 game backups. Use RecordNow if possible. If not use DVDDecrypter.

  2. Use DVD-R just to be safe because your just starting out.