PlayStation2 on PC?


I’m looking for PlayStation2 simulator on PC . If you know with one is the best please let me know .


I’m not sure what one is the best, but this is the only one i’ve seen start to play a commercial game.

Is this the only one emulator for PS2-PC ? In my case this one doesn’t work .

there is not a fully developed ps2 emulator yet. They are working on it but due the complexity of it, it takes time. Plus you need a beast of a computer to run it b/c you have to emulate the ps2 hardware which will take a huge amount of video mem, procesing speed and ram.

What’s a ‘beast of a computer/system’ to you?, AMD 1800+, Gf3Ti500 3200RAM@166FSB not cut it?..

That is fairly slow. Although i doubt you will need tons of ram you probably only need about 128mb of ram or a bit less. But a 3Ghz cpu and a very nice videocard and fast ram would probably help. If you want to play games for ps2 though just buy a ps2 it will cost less then a good videocard.

Playing PS2 games on a PC isn’t something that is really doable yet. As kwkard said, about everything has to be emulated and that means a lot of work for your CPU and GPU.

The architecture of the PS2 CPU/GPU isn’t like the architecture of a common PC at all. Besides that, there is a huge difference in software used.
As games need this hardware and software, the instructionset has to be emulated. To calculate all these emulations, it requires quite some hardware power.

The emulators aren’t perfected yet (if they ever will). My suggestion it to buy either a PS2 or stick to PC games :slight_smile:

besides, PC games can be quite playable with the right hardware and a good controller. Many times ive found that some games on PC look better than the PS2 version, for example gta3 and max payne.